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Review: That Guy by Kim Jones

Title: That Guy

Author: Kim Jones

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Publication Date: June 17, 2018

He’s That Guy. You know, the hero in almost every romance novel. The super-rich, powerful CEO who is beyond sexy. Lives in a penthouse. Is wicked in bed. Has massive…feet. Is kind of a jerk, but really he’s not because he harbors some major secret that, once revealed, explains why he is the way he is—therefore completely redeeming himself and making all the readers who hated to love him swoon…. Yeah. That one. Well, I found him. I’m a writer who has spent years searching for the perfect muse. Now that I know he exists, I have a mission. To make him fall in love with me. This should be easy. I mean, I have issues, but above all, I’m a great catch. Problem is, I did a stupid thing. And now he hates me. Unfortunately for him, he’s my That Guy. And he’s going to love me…. Whether he wants to or not.

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Rating ★★★★★

I went outside my bubble on this read.. why? The same reason any rational human would do something uncomfortable to them, my person told me too. It’s my first Kim Jones book and I’ll tell you... It will not be my last! This book was everything I needed it to be. I went in blind with the hopes it would be good. I was not disappointed. Not even going to lie to you, loved it by the 5th page. I will let you know that millionaire/billionaire/rich guy books aren’t my jam. I usually play for the broken average boy with the bad streak. But Kim may have just converted me. This story line was amazing, I love how ‘different’ it was.. hahahah read it you’ll know why I am giggling. I’m going to tell you, once again I fell for the hot best friend rather than the lead, it’s not the lead’s fault. He was awesome and hot, but his friend... His friend just has him beat for me. So if you haven’t guessed it the supporting characters in the story are as strong as the leads. No one gets lost, no one is out of place. And they all mesh like a bag of skittles. Their personalities are all unique and they all play off each together like they grew up together in the back barn in buttfuck nowhere. Seriously I’m in love with Cam and pretty sure I’m in love with Penelope also!! I really do not want to tell you anything else about this story. I want you to go in blind!! But I will say it’s definitely on my 5 star reads list for 2019!!

Rating ★★★★★

A book friend insisted that I read That Guy by Kim Jones. She was pretty adamant in her love of this book and I can see why.

This was my first read by Kim Jones and it was entertaining as all hell. I snorted, I guffawed, I smiled throughout the entire book and I even swooned.What I loved about this book was the approach, the way it was told. It was laugh out loud funny and so extremely accurate in terms of what I look for in a romance book. And Jones narrative was refreshing and so very witty. She managed to poke some fun into my love of that cliche with That Guy that you hope to find every time you open up a romance novel.And Penelope was quirky and a lot of awkward, which quite frankly made me love her even more and Jake yup he's well THAT GUY. The assertive, sometimes abrasive yet melt your panties and then your heart male heroine that we all want.This is what I look for in a ROM COM. A whole lot of funny, a little bit OTT with some swoon and a drop of Angst and Kim Jones Nailed it.


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