REVIEW: The Art of Dating by Ellie Messe

REVIEW: The Art of Dating by Ellie Messe

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This author can weave a story. Good God, I absolutely loved this book! Devina and Logan are amazing...girlfriend is clueless though lol Logan...ugh bless him for his patience haha Their story is a chance encounter gone very right. It's light hearted and funny and has a little angst because nothing is ever that easy! So well written and easy to get lost in.

Oh. My. God! So I have been literally gagging to read another Ellie Messe book since her debut novel Broken was released. Well s**t, I was not disappointed!

It was fresh, which is hard to do in a market full of amazing books. The storyline was novel. The characters were amazing.

Devina is the character you want to protect. Innocent and sweet but oh so naive. Logan, the hot hunk you want you jump, quite literally. Amy, the best friend every one wants. Last but not least Cal, James, whatever his name is, well lets just say if I had a frying pan, i would quite happily knock the muppet out.

Everything you want in a book, well it is right here. I loved every single page.

Simply F***ing Amazing!

It's hard to believe that this is Ellie Masse's second book. The first one "Broken" blew me away and this one did too! After being cheated on by her boyfriend Cole, Devina get dragged to a speed dating night by her best friend. She meets Logan there and after he wears her down he offers to teach her how to get cheating asshole boyfriend back. Logan sets up a dating boot camp for her. This book took me through all the emotions, I cried and laughed at all the silly things that Logan and Devina went through. I can't wait to see what Ellie will write about next.