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REVIEW: The Art of Dating by Ellie Messe

REVIEW: The Art of Dating by Ellie Messe

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This author can weave a story. Good God, I absolutely loved this book! Devina and Logan are amazing...girlfriend is clueless though lol Logan...ugh bless him for his patience haha Their story is a chance encounter gone very right. It's light hearted and funny and has a little angst because nothing is ever that easy! So well written and easy to get lost in.

Oh. My. God! So I have been literally gagging to read another Ellie Messe book since her debut novel Broken was released. Well s**t, I was not disappointed!

It was fresh, which is hard to do in a market full of amazing books. The storyline was novel. The characters were amazing.

Devina is the character you want to protect. Innocent and sweet but oh so naive. Logan, the hot hunk you want you jump, quite literally. Amy, the best friend every one wants. Last but not least Cal, James, whatever his name is, well lets just say if I had a frying pan, i would quite happily knock the muppet out.

Everything you want in a book, well it is right here. I loved every single page.

Simply F***ing Amazing!

It's hard to believe that this is Ellie Masse's second book. The first one "Broken" blew me away and this one did too! After being cheated on by her boyfriend Cole, Devina get dragged to a speed dating night by her best friend. She meets Logan there and after he wears her down he offers to teach her how to get cheating asshole boyfriend back. Logan sets up a dating boot camp for her. This book took me through all the emotions, I cried and laughed at all the silly things that Logan and Devina went through. I can't wait to see what Ellie will write about next.

Oh holy wow! I've been so excited for this book since this author's debut novel! I loved Devina and Logan! I loved that there was a genuine connection and relationship between the two, and I loved the humour throughout this book. The fact that Logan was willing to help Devina and her sweaters was a brilliant beginning to this book. Amy was a brilliant secondary character, I think Ellie writes secondary characters so well that I want Amy as my bestie! And I hope she gets her own book *wink wink* Another fantastic book from Ellie Messe, It's so hard to believe that this is only her second book! Highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a feel good romance.

So, at first i wasn't going to start this book right away, bc i was super busy all day when i first got it. But after putting mini me to bed, i thought, oh, i will read a few chapters before going to bed myself. BOY WAS I WRONG!

The Art of Dating follows Davine, and how she is still wanting her ex-boyfriend Cole back. So, when she meets Logan who decides to help her try to win him back- she hesitantly agrees. Because what could possibly go wrong with that? Apparently everything.

"It's like a cliffhanger at the end of a really good book, you're floored by how great it was, but at the same time, you feel disappointment that it's over And physically ache to continue."

I loved this story. It was cute, fun, and light. I loved Logan- how could I not? And i related to Devina, probably more than i should have throughout the book. I loved getting lost in the story, and just a few chapters turned into me staying up half the night to finish the story. Because, who the heck needs sleep when there s answers to be had! And I needed answers. Yes, i paid for this in misery the next morning, but I was blissfully happy, if not a little tired after finishing, and it was definitely worth it. I give this book 4.5⭐ out of 5⭐. I didn't want it to end.

Ever open a book, turn the page and BLAM- the night is gone and you are blinking and looking around in a complete stupor? This is one of those books you not only can't put down, but completely steals your sense of everything and everyone around you. I will admit, there were parts where I just wanted to scream at Devina to just grow up; but when she finally opens her eyes all hell breaks loose. I finished this book in just a few hours. What are you waiting for? Read this book!!!

My first read from Ellie, and what an opener. Absolutely hilarious in most, some small parts for tears and some true cringe worthy moments. Logan, absolute hottie. He has his sight set on its target and there is no stopping him. Well, until his little Duck stutters.

Ellie Messe did it again. Another 5 star read.

Ellie just had a way of bringing these two characters together perfectly. This book had just the right amount of moments that will make you laugh, and moments that will make you swoon. And yes I said swoon. I just fell in love with these characters, so much so I was not able to put this book down. So one late night of reading done, I now have another book added to my re-read list.

Logan Devitt and Devina Anderson. Holy He** these two were just perfect characters. I was so sucked in by the way that Logan was offering to help Devina win her ex back, because I just knew that he had something going on behind the curtain. Especially since he would never say the ex's name right. I just knew he was doing that to make her open her eyes and see the a-hole for what he really was. I loved how there was this internal tug of war battle going on in Devina's head when she was starting to realize that there was something there between her and Logan. This internal battle was something that made her character so relatable. And it also played apart in her finding the confidence and strength inside herself. Logan just had a way of making Devina start to build herself back up to the woman that he knew she really was

I did not want to put this book to end. It was that good. I can't wait for Ellie Messes next release so I can get all her words and feels again.

I don’t even know where to start, The Art of Dating, for me was a mix of pretty woman, (without the leading lady being a lady of the night of course) And My Fair Lady, Devina was nursing a broken heart, her best friend Amy dragged her speed dating where she came across Logan, then the hilarity began, Devina comes across as a very strong independent woman but lacks certain lady like traits, Logan says he can teach her the Art of Dating so she can win Cole back. Little does she know Logan has a different plan in mind, they go through different stages of learning the art of dating. And although some parts make you feel a bit sorry for Devina for the most part it’s hilarious. The relationship Devina and Logan have is brilliant and with the best friend Amy thrown into the mix there are lots of laugh out loud moments. There was also a huge fan girl moment for me when one of my top 5 authors got a mention. Will Devina win Cole back? Will she discover Logan’s secret plan? Well Read it and find out. This is Ellie’s second published book and although very different from Broken it is equally as fantastic.

Freaking hilarious read!!!!

It amazes me that this is what comes out of a writers block when she's taking a break from the characters in her head.

Devina is devastated that her boyfriend of five years cheated on her. So being the pushover that she is, she moves into her best friend's apartment and waits for him to wake up from the mistake hes made.

Tired of seeing her bestfriend wallowing around, Amy takes her out for speed dating. Logan is taken with Devina from the first moment he sees her. Unfortunately for him, her determination to win back her ex is the only way to spend time with her. So he becomes the teacher.

This is a humorous, feel good read. Of course she brings you into the characters world and feelings. You gotta flunk sometimes before you realize you need to study harder. This author is definitely one of my favorites and this is only her second debut!!

Ellie Messe is rocking the book world!

I adored this book, the characters, and most of all the author's writing. Ellie Messe gave us Broken, a heart wreaking and incredible Debut. And now, she's given us this sweet heart-warming, humor filled story. The Art of Dating was so, so good. At first I wasn't very sure about Logan, he put off this know-it-all-I'm-too-good-for-you vibes, boy, was I wrong. Devina, Devina, De-freaking-vina, one moment I wanted to wrap her up in a big hug, go chill at a bar (that has food) with her and the next I wanted to bop her upside the head and shake her, all the while screaming "GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR REAR END". Ohmagaaaawd, don't get me started on Amy, she's that good friend, you know the one that means well, but is also a bit too self_involved? Yeah, that one. I loved her and I wanted to slap,her. Most of all I loved her and Devina's dynamic. They understood each other. I read this book in one sitting, it was a page-turner, I couldn't get enough. I creaked, laughed, won't admit to shedding a tear, and cheered when the going got good. Cole needs to be tied naked to a cactus.

The Art of Dating is a laugh out loud and entertaining book! I absolutely loved this book!!! Devina is a fellow book nerd with a broken heart. Enter Logan with an interesting bet that he can help her get her ex back. What could go wrong, right?? This was such a great story! It has great one-liners, hysterical situations, not to mention wanting to keep Aimee Noalane all to herself! Ellie Messe definitely has a new fan!!!! This one is a top ten favorite for sure!

Jesus Christ, this book!

What can I say? I hardly ever give 5 stars (recent thing) and this one was a no brainer. Seriously. Devina and Logan are funny and cute. Have you ever shipped a couple so hard that you cry from lack of oxygen? Yep, that was me. Read.This.Book. Like now.

Ellie Messe shows us her humorous side in this novel. After Devina learns her boyfriend has cheated on her, she moves in with her best friend Amy. Devina is not ready to give up on her six year relationship with her now ex-boyfriend. She is convinced that he has only just made a mistake. Then she meets Logan, a sexy millionaire. Logan bets her he can improve her to the point in which her ex will come crawling back to her. The banter between the characters is fantastic. I really enjoyed this book along with Ellie Messe’s first book Broken (that is the complete opposite this one) and will be stalking her for sure! At this time I am patiently waiting for Famish to go live.

I was absolutely sucked into reading this book. I didn't believe that he would just want to teach her the "art of dating" and felt right from the start that there was some type of spark between them. Even though she didn't necessarily see it right away or want to believe it, I knew that he did. Cole wasn't worth here time, and I felt bad that it too. I love how Logan helps Devina to see who she truly is and how they end up falling for each other! I highly recommend reading this book, you won't be disappointed and will be happy you read it!

Omg! where to start about The Art of Dating. Ellie Messe has done it again and made an awesome, romcom that had me laughing my ass off so bad at work. To the point that my boss and customers looked at me weird lol You have Devina who had it rough. Her boyfriend left her for someone sleazy yet, she still wants him back. When she meets this guy he says he will help her get him back with the Art of Dating, which through out the whole thing there's a reason behind why hes doing it for her. Logan is the type of guy that throws himself to girls and flaunts what he says he has. But when he meets Devina its different and she tells him what she wants and he offers to help her out but during this time he wants her.. Does she want Cole or ex who cheated on her and did her wrong or will she go for Logan who brought her back from the hell hole she was in?? Stay Tuned!! :)

Ellie Messe has done it again and this time she shows us her witty side. I’m telling you with this being only her second book and a completely different trope from her debut, Ellie Messe is one to watch. The Art of Dating was hilarious I’m talking to the point where I was wheezing I was laughing so hard. Devina is a bit of what I would call a mess, she’s let her ex essentially walk all over her. She meets Logan who convinces her that with his help she can get him back. This book to me was like almost a mixture of John Tucker Must Die and The Duff but with people in their 20s as opposed to high schoolers. Choked full of comedy it was hard not to fall in love with this storyline. This book was just entertaining as all hell. I giggled snorted. But while this was mostly hilarious there were moments that had my heart pounding. Whether it was swooning with Logan’s actions or words, even when he was being a bit of a dick that needed to be punched in the junk to being nervous and a bit worried during some angsty moments. And of course my heart literally raced with nervousness as it all came to a head. With awkward moments, some beautifying gone a bit terrifying to grand gestures that made me want to squeal in delight this book was fantastic. A hilarious romcom with an ending that will make you heart want to high five itself.

The Art of Dating- man are you guys in for a treat. You can’t help but cringe, ugly cry, and laugh at the messy webs these new characters find themselves tangled in. Devina the heartbroken beauty gets a crash course in how to reel back the man of her dreams- but doesn’t realize just how difficult it will be, or the intentions of all the players, until she’s in the game too deep. Logan is the man you love to hate- the cocky alpha who is more then willing to teach her the “art of dating” but not without a few tricks up his sleeve and a smart mouth your fingers will twitch to slap. This crazy adventure of a sassy girl and her “teacher” is a must read, each new test he puts her through becomes funnier then the last- you won’t stop laughing and you won’t want to put down this amazing new book by the talented Ellie Messe!

Six months ago, I was naïve, stupid, and whiney.

I believed in second chances.

Even when I was boyfriend-less, apartment less, and my best friend was on me about moving on.

Five months ago, one insignificant moment changed everything.

I met Logan.

I agreed to undergo his ridiculous boot camp to get Cole back.

Last month, a blip in time knocked my world on its axis.

It threw me into free fall without the courtesy of a warning or a safety net.

Yesterday, I ruined everything.

One action that broke two hearts.

I used to believe in second chances.

My name is Devina Marshal; this is the story of how everything went to shit.

I'm a fun loving book dragon who has the ability to make sailors blush with colorful language and obscene gestures. I love reading, mostly romance, young adult and new age. I'm a part of a BANGerangin' book club that is guaranteed to be better than yours. I like to spend my days wondering around department stores while reading erotica out loud, scaring the piss out of people, and playing "The floor is lava". (Adulting is lame.)


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