REVIEW: The Boy & His Ribbon

REVIEW: The Boy & His Ribbon by Pepper Winters

Normally when I love a book the words about why flow very easily when I type up my reviews. Now with The Boy and His Ribbon I’m struggling to find exactly what I want to say about this book. What I will say is that this is my Top read of 2018 so far. Pepper Winters story telling is simply breathtaking.

There are so many books that I have on my must read list. But only an handful that are on my EPIC READS list is The Boy & His Ribbon is one of them. Ren and Della !!!! From the moment they are introduced I’m hooked and ready to find out where their journey leads. And what a journey it is. I just got swept up in these characters, this stroyline and what I am calling THE PULL. That magnetic PULL, you can feel it in your bones, this undeniable magnet that tells you two people are destined to be and Ren and Della have that PULL. This story is captivating in every way and the bond these two have is nothing short of spectacular. And as their story evolves and these two get older you can almost pinpoint when the lines get blurry. Let me tell you that even though I knew it was coming I wasn’t prepared to feel the utter angst that I felt. Not just for Della but for Ren as well. What I can’t say about this is that June can’t come soon enough in fact I’m dying already and this book just released. It’s the sweetest torture !!!

Amazing and beautifully storytelling of two people who seemed destined to be together. And my gawd I hope it happens. I can’t wait for the next one.