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REVIEW: The Boy I Grew Up With by Tijan

Series: Crew Series

Author: Tijan

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: October 28, 2018

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To say I devoured this book is a gross understatement. I'm a huge fan of this series already. I love books that have storylines depicting relationships over time and this one does that. Heather and Channing first appeared in the ever popular FCH series by Tijan and in The Boy I Grew Up With we get their story. A coming of age relationship these two definitely have their ups and downs and I was all over it. The drama of a relationship that essentially starts when they are kids and goes through hardships and sweet moments and everything else that comes with time. Some may have a preconceived notion going into this book thinking they know a bit of what happens with these two but not everything is as it seems. I will leave it at that. I loved both of these characters. Both were strong when they needed to be, both also showed vulnerability and as the storyline progressed and they grew older you could see that. I felt their feelings towards one another that unbreakable bond that they just couldn't ignore. Their connection was palpable. I can't wait for more from this series and I'm excited to see what's next.

Have you ever read a series and fallen in love with a character? Hope they’d get their own book... just to have the series ‘end’ without them getting it?

That’s how I felt about Heather. She was my home girl in the Fallen Crest series.

Then we got Crew and I was like duck yes there’s my girl.. Then I heard my girl was getting her own book. I was like fuck yes. This is what I am talking about.. Then panic set in. Why? Because as Melissa says I tend to put secondary characters on a pedestal. Then when their book comes, I’m disappointed, not because the book isn’t good but because I was so in love with the thought of their story that even a good story for them wasn’t enough for me. It’s an issue. Melissa has to deal with the fall out, a lot of the time. I’d apologize but.. I kind of like it. The Boy I Grew Up With was the exception. This story far surpassed anything I could have asked for.

What should I tell you about it? Fucking nothing I should tell you nothing other than it’s fucking awesome and you need to read it. But since I’ve been told that’s the bitchy way to do things I’ll tell you a few things. Things like: The cover, or should I say covers. Both, fucking stunning. I’m in love with the whole concept. Simple but so drawing. If that gets my point across..

You’ll ask: Do you have to read Fallen Crest or Crew to read this book, no. Is it still awesome if you don’t yes. Should you read Fallen Crest and Crew in my opinion, yes, because I want you to.

Okay back to the book things: The story line was on point. There was action and drama. There was emotions and there was humour. It was over all one of those books that I’m like fuck me I need everyone to know how awesome this book was. I didn’t find that I needed to ask a shit ton of questions. I wasn’t always looking out for something in the back of my mind. I let the story take me there, I didn’t jump ahead and try to look down the road, which is usually how I read. So that says a lot for the way it was written, in my opinion. I loved having the freedom of enjoying the moments with the characters.

Okay so I said characters, so let’s talk about those for a minute. I absolutely fee like these characters complimented each other in every way. All of them. I can’t even tell you who was my favourite (though Heather is still my homegirl). They all brought something to the story and feed off each other, even Gus. I won’t lie these characters leave you wanting more from them, so be prepared for a little want at the end of this. I won’t tell you who I want more of though.. that’s my secret, for now. I really can’t tell you what to do but if you want an emotional ride, complete with drama, action, heartache and the sexiness. The Boy I Grew Up With will for sure deliver that. It’s been days since I read it and I’m still thinking about it... I guess I should probably stop rambling now but I just want you to know that I fucking loved this book. 5 star read for me for sure. I want everyone to read it. I want everyone to be emotional. Definitely one of those ones your going to need to talk about after. I know I did. So get it. Read it. Love it.

I have loved Channing Monroe all my life.

In first grade, he asked for my Trapper Keeper. I hit him in the head with it. Third grade, we were best friends. We kissed in seventh grade. Eighth grade, he turned into a bad boy and the rest was a tumultuous storm.

Growing up, the problem was never love for us. Bad times. Good times. There were times when I felt our love in every inch of my body, vibrating, making me feel like it could bring me back to life.

The problem was us.

The problem is that we’re from two different worlds now. Fallen Crest and its millionaires for me. Roussou and their criminals for him. I was thriving in mine and he was running his.


But there were nights I felt we couldn’t be further apart than we were, and there were nights I felt we shared the same heartbeat.

When was it time? When was it time to either sacrifice, make a change, or walk away from the boy I grew up with?

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Tijan is a New York Times Bestselling author that writes suspenseful and unpredictable novels. Her characters are strong, intense, and gut-wrenchingly real with a little bit of sass on the side. Tijan began writing later in life and once she started, she was hooked. She's written multi-bestsellers including the Carter Reed Series, the Fallen Crest Series, and the Broken and Screwed Series among others. She is currently writing a new YA series along with so many more from north Minnesota where she lives with a man she couldn't be without and an English Cocker she adores.


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