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REVIEW: The Love in Chaos by Liz Monroe

Author: Liz Monroe

Genre: Romance > New Adult

Publication Date: September 29th, 2018

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The Love in Chaos is a beautiful love story. You will need tissues by the third page in! Jasper and Joey have known each other since they were kids. Best friends with Mason and Lucy, their lives are all intertwined in the sweetest and saddest of ways. This story will hit you in the feels and take you on an emotional ride that is well worth it! Just keep the tissues handy!!

You make think you know Jasper's story, but you don't. Not even close... There was a time when Jasper Everett had everything he wanted. One chance. I believed for everyone there was one chance at great love. One perfect match. But mine died. So, I closed my heart and chased mistakes. Until a desperate attempt at a relationship lead me back to the beginning. It was somewhere I never thought I would be, but fate brought me back to her. And now, I had a second chance with the one woman who was there for it all. She was my foundation. She was my mirror. She was my best friend. And after everything, I hoped she would be my redemption, too.

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Hello all! I’m Liz Monroe, author of The Beauty of Chaos, my only current published work. So far, I only have a New Adult Contemporary Romance out in the world (New Adult, but not necessarily college aged. Just about a group of people that grow up a little more throughout the book.)

When I’m not writing, I’m chasing my toddlers, relenting to the demands of my baby (but she’s cute and so worth it). I also waitress and bartend. I have always found it interesting when I learn the authors I love have different jobs besides writing and I always want to know what it is, so I just took the mystery out of it.

I like reading the genre I write but my love of reading spawned from Young Adult Dystopian and I would love to join my love of writing and reading them one day. If you want to see more about what I am reading and my thoughts on those books, head on over to the book blog I share with Author Yessi Smith and our book bestie who is a reader and really pretty dang awesome.


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