Review: The Monster of Farewell by Catherine Black

Title: The Monster of Farewell

Series: Blacklighters

Author: Catherine Black

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: April 25, 2019

Mercury Havenworth My mother always told me I had nothing. No place in civilized society. No moral compass. No soul... But despite all my shortcomings, there is one thing I do have: Farewell. It's my home. My sanctuary and birthright. It's everything to me, and one day soon, I will oversee this feral matriarchy which gave me life. The men who step through our gates see a crumbling mansion, they see a handful of women willing to bleed for a cause, but Farewell is so much more than that. It's an empire. MY empire. Kessler Lawson After eight years of incarceration, I'm a free man...for approximately two hours. That's how long it takes to ruin my life. Wedged between freedom and the officer who put me behind bars in the first place, I'm given a choice: Help the New Liberty Police Department infiltrate a band of criminals ruling over Farewell, Missouri...or score a one-way ticket back to prison. With enemies on both sides, falling into bed with the boss's murderous daughter probably isn't the best idea, but there's no going back now...not after undressing the monster of Farewell. (Warning: This book includes dark themes, offensive language, and explicit scenes that may make some readers uncomfortable. Read with caution.)

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