REVIEW + EXCERPT: The Real by Kate Stewart

REVIEW: The Real by Kate Stewart

Where do I even being with this book !!! Kate Stewart grabbed a hold of me very early on with this storyline. I loved how the two main characters meet in this and I was completely swept up in their romance. The way that these two meet is a romance for this day and age. With Cameron messaging her from across the coffee shop I fell adorably in love with him immediately. Their exchanges from then on are nothing short of completely sweet and adorable and I swooned and swooned again. Honestly my heart was beating so fast and part of me thought dayum I would have loved to be woo’d like that. These two build a relationship that was purely mental before the physical cake and the bond was that much more amazing. Their banter was sweet and it was hilarious at times making me chuckle out loud. Flirtation is an art and Cameron was a master. At the same time there were moments where Cameron completely undid me and I’ll say had me fanning myself as well. The man had a way with words. Witty, sweet, sexy he was the perfect package and I was blissfully happy loving in the bubble that was Abbie and Cameron. So of course while I had this sinking feeling that something was amiss I somewhat ignored it. Cause at times I tend to get a little conspiracy theory about things. I wish I could say my sneaking suspicions weren’t right but unfortunately they were. It didn’t make the sting feel any less intense. I still felt like my bubble had been obliterated. And I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure how Kate Stewart could possibly fix it. Let me tell you what happens in the second half of this book left me reeling and completely surprised. I didn’t see it coming and oh my gawd it was heart breaking and left me with a lump in my throat. You see Kate tackles a subject in this book that is almost never talked about. Never given much attention too and woah it made me think and think that sometimes you just never know. Now you’re probably thinking oh no I’m scared to read this book. But let me tell you that you should because while it’s sad and it’s somewhat overwhelming it’s also becomes something beautiful and healing and hopeful. Kate Stewart delivers another absolutely amazing love story that will have you gasping and swooning and glued to the pages.

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They say it happens when you least expect it.

It did for me.

It started the moment I saw the simple message pop up on my computer screen:

Cameron’s Mac: Hi.

And when I met the eyes of the gorgeous man messaging me from across the coffee shop, I never thought my reply would lead to the most intense, sexual, and passionate relationship of my life.

We both agreed to check our bags at the door and put our future hopes and aspirations on the table.

It worked.

I fell i