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REVIEW: The Wrong Blaze by Meagan Brandy

Author: Meagan Brandy

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: August 22, 2018

See what our reviewers are saying about The Wrong Blaze

Teri's thoughts...

Holy Fuckin' Hell!!!! Meagan Brandy is a master of bringing the angst, and bringing me to the brink of wanting to throw my kindle across the room. And I know she is doing this with a devilish smile on her face. I am still in knots from reading this one. The battle of emotions when it comes to Oakley had me going through her ups and downs right along side her. You didn't know if she was going to be able to keep herself together at times. Then she will do something and you can see just how strong she is. Oakley is a character that will have you wanting to make her open her eyes to what is really in front of her, and wanting her to see that what she has wanted isn't really what she needs. Alec was the perfect antihero that made me love and hate him. I found myself thinking of ways to kill him and dispose of his body. Then he will say something so panty melting that, then you can't help but want him again. He is the true definition of a Lovable Asshole. And you know there is a secret that he's keeping, and you just hope that what he's hiding isn't something that will make thing go in the a way that there is no coming back from. With Rowen you know that he is hiding something from Oakley, his best friend. You want to beat the fuck out of him and then want to give him a push in the right direction. Still you want to think he's a good guy. But, is he the one that is right for Oakley, or is he the wrong guy? Meagan Brandy will take you on a ride that will have your emotions going so up and down that you will be left with such a hangover that you will want to threaten Brandy for making you feel this way. But, know that the ups and downs that she takes you through is so fucking worth it in the end.

Letty's thoughts...

I never wanted to throw my kindle across the room as much as I did with this book! It was an absolutely perfect book in every way. You felt every single emotion while reading it. If a book could be a true roller coaster then this is THAT book. Every word, every detail will keep you bouncing up and down. There's no way to review this book without giving away details. You just have to read it. You'll cheer Oakley on, every step of the way. You'll want to be her best friend and protect her and hang out with her. Alec is part sinner and saint. As much as you'll love him he WILL make you angry. Rowan, well Rowan is just Rowan and honestly, that's not a bad thing to be. You definitely won't be sorry to pick up this book, just be sure not to throw your kindle while reading it! How else will you finish it if it breaks?

Katie's thoughts...

5 Blazing Stars! A must read!!! Phenomenal! I am so in love with The Wrong Blaze! I love the setting, I love the characters and I love the story! Brandy had me gripping the edge of my seat, swearing at my kindle, and internally freaking out!!! I love the tension in Oakley and Alec's relationship. There is so much angst! They are seriously so right for each other, and one knows it while the other has to figure it out! One of my favorite couples ever to grace pages! The Wrong Blaze is my very first book by Brandy and now I'm a fan for life!

Cindy's thoughts...

OMG! This book took me on a roller coaster ride. I threw my kindle across the room in every chapter. The author tortured me and wrung me through the wringer. And I loved every second of it! The twists and turns in this book will kill you! I loved the characters in this book. I loved that I had no idea what was coming and my head is still spinning. Read this book People. You won't regret it. Meagan Brandy is one of my new favorite authors!

Dawne's thoughts...

Holy crap!!! This is one of those books that grabs ahold of you, crumples you up like a wad of tissue, and just when you think you can’t stand it anymore....soothes your soul. Wow, just wow! This has to be my favorite book of this author so far. There is just so much of EVERYTHING that you go into emotional overload, smiling while your hair is sticking up in all directions. Amazing book, I loved it!

Sarah M's thoughts...

A love hate relationship, god what a book. I love that it has everything. Action drama and a damsel who doesnt even know she is in distress! If your looking for a nail bighter that has everything a good alpha man could bring and a heroine who doesnt realize how strong she really is. Look no further!

Sarah L's thoughts...

WTF! My heart was destroyed. Seriously, I nearly pulled an all nighter. This book was truly amazing from the first word to the very last. I can’t believe I've finished it. I feel messed up. My heart broke for Oakley so many times. Alec, well I wanted to throat and junk punch him so many times. I still don't know how I feel about him. It was so messed up but so gripping and kept me on the edge of my seat. Woman, you broke me!

Rebecca's thoughts...

When I first got the intro to this book off the Burn anthology I have been eagerly waiting on this book. And the patience was well worth it. Brandy is a new author to me but this will definitely not be the first/last book I read from her. I'm about to go one-click happy. Alec has been obsessed with one thing his whole life since the age of 10. From the first time he saw Oakley, he knew she was his. He saw her first. Then his younger brother Rowan shows up and after 10 minutes from that first day she became his. Oakley has known for years that that she's been in love with her bestfriend. Rowan has been full of mixed signals but she's keeping her hopes that he'll come around. Then after two yrs being gone Alec returns. They now have to be co-instructors at her dad's firefighter training school. Things start to heat up. Oakley's feelings become confused by both the brothers because both of them seem to now want her. But which brother will she chose to make sure she doesn't burn up in the wrong blaze.

Dawn's thoughts...

I loved this story. The chemistry between Oakley and Alec is intense, and I knew that when they finally got together, it would be explosive. I liked how Rowan’s character was portrayed—the concerned friend, only to change into a full-on possessive alpha whenever Alex was around. The twists in this story were great and at one point, I actually gasped and said ‘oh shit’ out loud. When I thought the story was going one way, something else pushed it the other way. A great read.

Laura's thoughts...

This book was unbelievable. I couldn’t put it down. Oakley and Alec are so hot together, I thought at times I might combust just from reading! This story has absolutely everything. Sexual tension, mystery, crime, angst. This is Defo going in my “To read again” pile!

Krista's thoughts...

The Wrong Blaze follows Oakley, Alec and Rowan. Oakley and Rowan have been friends since they were kids and Oakley has always longed for something more with Rowan. Alec has been love with Oakley most of his life. Will he ever have a shot or will Rowan step up? This book has suspense, an alpha who does not understand the term "leave me alone", and hot sex! This is the first book I've read from Meagan and I was not disappointed.

Samantha's thoughts...

hmm what can I say about this book.....OMFG This book had me on the edge of my seat, the twist and turns, the angst, this is a type of book that you have just have to read, it's hard to write a review without giving an spoilers. So all i'm going to say is one click this baby asap, you won't regret it.

Alexandra's thoughts...

Holy moly! What a roller coaster of emotions! Ok, What happens when you love the male lead character and are rooting for him to get the girl he's been in love with since they were kids but then hate him by the end of a chapter, an exhilarating book! For more than 50% of the book, my heart was beating so rapidly with anxiety, anger and anticipation trying to figure out what the heck was going on. Alec came through at the end but I sure would've liked to have punched him a few times. Oakley had been hoping for the longest time that Rowan would move her from the friend zone until Alec comes back and takes his claim. But of course, the situation gets complicated from then on and then bam! Nothing is what it seems. Excellent book!

Kayla's thoughts...

Unbelievable! This roller coaster book was fan-fricken-tastic! A must read!! It will draw you in and keep you on your toes. A+O

Mel's thoughts...

READ THIS BOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's pretty much what I have to say about this. That's it, that's the review. Ok ok so maybe not all I have to say. So let's review this shall we. The Wrong Blaze is a love/hate, enemies to lovers roller coaster ride of WTFs. This book will have your heart racing, your blood pressure sky rocketing and your inner whore screaming. Alec, OH ALEC !! This man was intensity, brash and seemingly unapologetic. He gave no fucks to going after what he wanted but man at the same time his methods wanted me to reach into this book and smack him senseless. And good lord did this man have a way with words.

"When you have a man, when he's yours... "You'll feel it everywhere. You'll heat at the thought of him, melt from his words, and you'll fucking burn when he touches you. When he's yours, he'll fuck you till you're spent, and'll beg for more. Crave more. Alwaysmore."

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I'm telling you if you love an intense alpha male you will LOVE this book. If you like storylines that are more then meets the eye you will Love this book. If you like intense scenes that will have you saying OMG you will Love this book. You'll be tempted to throw that kindle a few times with this one. Amazing read. I loved every bit of it. The first time I read it, the second time I read and I'm certain I will love it the next time I read it.

Jackie's thoughts...

This book was an amazing read. It literally sucked me in right from the started and had me sucked into it the whole time wondering what would happen next. There were so many twists and turns I didn’t even see coming! I was literally left goin OMG and did that seriously just happen! I definitely recommend reading this book. It left me wanting more which is definitely a good thing in my book!

Paige's thoughts...

This book was everything! It was edge of the seat good with total hotness thrown in! The roller coaster of emotions I went on throughout the book was crazy but I loved every single second of it. It’s one of those books that you want to throw across the room but never put down in the same breath. I’ll be reading this book ten times over! Loved loved loved it!

About The Book

As head of Blackline Academy, I spent my days training with the elite, getting them ready for the one thing each hopes to gain in the end, the chance to call themselves a Blaze. I had it all figured out, knew exactly who and what I wanted in life, then he came back, determined more than ever to prove me wrong. He's forced his way into my world, demanded my attention no matter the cost. He pushed until I fell. And then he knocked me down. But nothing is ever as it seems. Hate is where it started. Love is where it was headed. Lies are what destroyed everything. Now I'm left to wonder...did I fall for the wrong Blaze?

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I glance to his abs, and they stare back at me, mocking my inability to touch them.

But do I want to touch …

I take two steps closer, and Alec laughs, instantly pulling me from my haze. My eyes rise to meet his.

“Guess I finally got my answer.”

“What answer?”

“From this morning. If he fucked you good, if he was even capable of it, your body wouldn’t be begging for me.” He licks his lips, slightly tilting his head. “Or maybe it would …”

“What exactly do you think I’m begging for?” I ask, half-hoping he enlightens me, half-hoping he walks away, and not sure either is right.

“More than you’re ready for, but, Oakley”—he walks the rest of the way to me, bringing his heated body a mere inch from mine—“get ready,” he warns.

I swallow, licking my lips. God, this guy makes me nervous. “For?”

Dark, dangerous green eyes command mine.

“Get ready for what?” I try again, my words blowing across his lips; they’re so close.

Too close.

“For me, Oakley,” he whispers, those eyes of his skimming over every inch of my face before coming back to mine. “It’s time.”

About Meagan

Meagan is a cookie dough crazed, jukebox junkie who tends to speak in lyrics. Born and raised in California, she is a married mother of three crazy boys who keep her bouncing from one sports field to another, depending on the season, and she wouldn't have it any other way. Starbucks is her best friend and words are her sanity.

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