REVIEW: Throne of Lies by Tara Leigh

Title: Throne of Lies

Series: The Lies Series

Author: Tara Leigh

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: October 15, 2018

Series Reading Order

Throne of Lies

Legacy of Lies

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Nothing like scandal and reality to sucker punch a budding relationship! Jolie and Tripp are brought together through their fathers, who are business partners. When the two meet again there is an instant connection. First loves are usually unforgettable, but unfortunately for Jolie and Tripp, not in a good way. This was a great way to kick off their story. You can't help but be on Jolie and Tripp's side of this story. Sometimes adults just suck, and that lesson is learned the hard way. I can't wait for Legacy of Lies!!

Whoa! Mind effing blown. This one, a page turner from start to finish. And that ending! The story grips you from the very beginning. Jolie, innocent, sweet, is just captivating. She's easy to love. A bit...gullible maybe but, completely adorable. Tripp/Remington, what a mouthful, was just *sigh* swoon worthy. I devoured this prequel bit by bit. I was easily engrossed in the story, it felt a bit like Romeo and Juliet at one point, and shocked by the ending. I've made a few guesses that I hope will be proved in Legacy of Lies. All in all, Tara Leigh spun one hell of a start to what is turning out to be one incredible duet.

Crazy, Emotional read.

This is a short novella and the beginning of how Tripp and Jolie came to be. We see how they met and why. Both of them from a wealthy class focusing on one an another but while in the background, problems were occurring.. you wanted to know more..I couldn't stop pacing back and forth at work, and the way it ends.. has you like nooo no not yet...but it's not over yet, its only the beginning.

What a great beginning! I love this introduction to Tripp and Jolie. This showed how these two meet and got to know each other. It clues you in to some of the family stress that is happening. From just this short prequel I know I am going to really enjoyed the next book.

Oh Lawd I'm so in love with this little prequel. Tripp and Jolie are captivating. Throne of Lies is enthralling and I was so taken with it. The story, the plot, and how it was written are just amazing. Tripp and Jolie meet due to her having been invited to be a Debutante. Tripp, her fathers business partners son, agrees to be her escort. And when they meet it's an instant connection. Neither wanting to be there, but both fulfilling their expectations. Their love is real, its raw and its deep. So when their worlds shatter, the emotions are felt in the deepest parts of the soul. I cant wait to read the rest of Tripp and Jolie's journey!