REVIEW: Ultimate Sacrifice by K.C. Lynn

Title: Ultimate Sacrifice

Series: Men Of Courage

Author: K.C. Lynn

Genre: Romance, Romantic Suspense

Publication Date: July 21st, 2018

Mel's thoughts...

A new series from K.C. Lynn and what a way to start it off. Ultimate Sacrifice is an incredibly emotional read which centres around firefighters. In Book 1 we meet Austin and Zoey. Zoey’s life is all about her sister and taking care of her needs she has little time for anything else. She allows herself one date with Austin because she won’t allow herself for more. That one date ignites a fire under Austin and it seems he wants more then just one night.

These two are full of passion and these two have definite sparks that they can’t ignore. Austin is swoony and protective, he definitely has that Alpha vibe that I love in my male heroines. Get's the motors running if you know what I mean.

Zoey, bless her heart, she's got a lot on her plate being the sole guardian it seems for her sister. She's solely focused on that alone and doesn't really have any time for herself and I really wanted her to be able to have a life of her own and find that healthy balance since she's sacrificed so much.