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REVIEW: Unlikely in Love by Ashlie Knapp

Laura's thoughts...

“Unlikely In Love” was my first book by author Ashlie Knapp. I honestly really enjoyed it. Annabelle ‘Anna’, grew up living with her nutty Granny, in a small town in Oklahoma. Her Father, Granny’s son, died when Anna was little. Mum had up and left. So poor Granny had to raise another kid, even though she lost her husband shortly before her son passed. Anna always wanted to leave for somewhere bigger and better, but she had to drop out of college to look after Granny when she became ill. Now at 27 she feels stuck. Wyatt in the incredibly sexy man Anna went to high school with. He’s only improved with age. Wyatt has just returned from his third army tour. He’s broken. Nightmares and horrible memories haunt him. These two are drawn to each other. Helping mend what’s broken in them both. It’s a beautifully written story and I could not put it down. Granny had me in embarrassing fits of laughter. The things this lady got up to were hilarious! *the voodoo *the ‘sexy pink elephant’ paint *her funeral music *setting Annabelle up on a dating website which lead to a date with a mortician I could go on and on. Granny needs a book! An absolute must read.

Krista's thoughts...

Unlikely in Love is a sweet, quick and easy read. Annie and Wyatt both have had a rough go and find their way with each other's help. Annie's grandmother totally steals the show for me in this book! What's better than a hot pink door? The second book is just as a good!

Roxanne's thoughts...

I enjoyed reading this book. I felt right at home with the book being set in my home state of Oklahoma. Ashlie Knapp described the weather here to a tee. She did justice to our colleges and I LOVED how she incorporated the NBA team as well as the many Disney references. This is the first book I read of hers and I can tell you it will not be the last. This story will pull at your heartstrings and will also have you rolling in laughter. The story begins with the reading of Annie’s grandmother Sophie’s will. We learn a lot about Sophie and how she raised Annie throughout the story. Annie is not afraid of who she is and is comfortable in her own skin. Even being an oddball in high school she did not shy away from always being herself. Wyatt, the high school football player that Annie always had a crush on, is back home after serving 3 tours overseas. He’s broken and fears he will never be able to have normal life. This is where you stop reading all the reviews and go read this book! You will fall in love with all the characters. I promise!!

At 27, Annabelle Cleaver finds herself sitting in a lawyer's office, listening to the last will and testament of the only relative she's ever loved being read. Stuck in the small Oklahoma town she always had every intention of leaving, she has no idea what comes next. When her sexy high school crush, Wyatt Holloway, returns to town and asks her for a job on her farm, her simple life becomes more complicated than she ever imagined. Wyatt Holloway returned from three tours overseas in the army a broken man. He'd seen and done things that haunt his days and nights. When he discovers Annabelle Cleaver, the beautiful but quirky girl from high school, needs help on her family farm after the passing of her crazy grandma, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to the woman who'd always held his interest. Warm, sexy and laugh out loud funny, Unlikely in Love tells the story of two people coming together despite the odds against them.

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About Ashlie

Ashlie Knapp was born and raised in Oklahoma but her heart belongs to the ocean. She loves binge watching Parks and Recreation, The Office, Friends, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead and adores Chris Pratt as chubby Andy Dwyer much more than sexy Star Lord. She hates mornings, mushrooms, and mosquitoes. Her days not working as a social worker are spent with her two witty, intelligent, boisterous children and love-of-her-life husband on their jet skis at the lake, putting around on the golf course or watching any University of Oklahoma athletic event. If you can’t find her any of those places, she’s probably in her comfy bed with her twelve year old Cocker Spaniel, Gracie, goofy rescue dog, Jake, and three cantankerous cats, Bogey, Birdie and Jackie, while reading a good book.

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