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REVIEW: Up in the Air by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

Rebecca's thoughts...

It's a cute story about what's more, winning in the games or winning in love. Channing singularity focus is winning the X games. She's already going under the guise of her twin brother Chance. So she doesn't need the extra distraction of Wyatt Olsen. Wyatt is just trying to figure out what he wants to do after the games. After his first encounter with Channing, hes more confused then ever. I'm not normally a sports romance reader but this is a really cute story. Thank goodness the author explains snowboarding terminology for those of us that are clueless. I'm definitely interested in the next book of this series.


They say how far you go is directly correlated to how much you are willing to risk. As a snowboarder, I was used to risking a lot - specifically life and limb every time I flew down the mountain and into the air. This time though, I was risking it all. I’d already lost so much. Winning was all I had left. The truth? I hadn’t been invited to the X Games, but my brother had. Beneath my snow clothes, mask, helmet, and goggles, who was going to be able to tell that it wasn’t Chance Ryder competing for the gold, but me, his twin sister? The risk? The one man who could teach me what I needed to win was the one man I would be competing against. The problem? I was falling for that very man. Hard. And I never fell. Especially when there was no snow to cushion my landing.


Wyatt Olsen always wins. That’s how the world knows me. I was the best. The X Games, the Snowboarding Open, the Olympics. I won everything - everything except the race against time, against age. That, I had lost. This was my last competition and I had no idea what was next. My future was completely up in the air. Until Channing Ryder crashed into my boards and my life. She gave me purpose. The only thing left for me to win was her.

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About Dr. Rebecca Sharp

Dr. Rebecca Sharp is an International Amazon Best-selling author of contemporary romance. By day, she is also a doctor living in Pennsylvania with her husband. Growing up, she always loved a good love story and let's face it, when you include a romance novel on your 8th grade summer reading list just to see if the teacher would notice (she didn't!), she was bound to give writing one of her own a go. She also enjoys traveling with her husband, snowboarding, and cooking.

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