REVIEW: Worth The Risk by K. Bromberg

Mel's thoughts...

Worth The Risk by K. Bromberg will absolutely melt your heart. This story was just amazing, I sit here in a pile of mushy goo right now. Grayson Malone is a single dad and has been entered into a Hot Dad contest in a magazine. Sidney has been sent to Work for the magazine by her dad as a bit of punishment for messing us as well as to proven herself worthy. These two knew each other in their past but came from two different worlds. She’s the snobby rich girl in his eyes much like his ex and has no desire to give her the time of day. He’s a single dad and she has no desire for a family. Throughout this book these two clash but at the same time their attracted to one another. I definitely couldn’t wait for them to act upon that attraction and it happens so suddenly that it almost catches me a bit off guard but it’s damn hot. These two almost excelled at not wanting to want one another, one minute they are attacking each other the next minute they’re essentially running away. You can definitely feel the hesitation and their insecurities coming through and it really pulled on my emotions a bit. The closer they get the more invested I became in their story. And can we please just talk about the star of this book, for me anyway. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved Grayson and Sidney, but Grayson’s son Luke he was the icing on the cake and what tipped me over. My heart exploded with this young man. There were some moments where I teared up as well as moments where I just fell for this adorable little boy. K Bromberg delivers a heart warming story that will have you falling in love with falling in love.

“Bromberg is a master at turning up the heat.”

—New York Times bestselling author Katy Evans

Worth the Risk, an all-new, sexy standalone about taking chances and finding love when it’s least expected, from New York Times bestselling author K. Bromberg, is LIVE!

This whole contest was supposed to be easy. I know, I know. Famous last words.