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See what our review team is saying about Roosted


I love this story! Both Axel and Paige have issues that they need to work out. Axel has major guilt over things that happened in his past and Paige won’t let anyone close. I loved alpha Paige. The take no prisoners, balls to the wall, hard Paige has a soft side that you see a brief look at. Brooke did a great job with these characters I was hooked right from the start and couldn’t put it down. I need more!


This book will definitely leave you wanting more. 2 people that are haunted by their demons, will they be able to get past their past and have something in the future? Lots of chemistry and very hot.


Even though the pace was a little slow at first, I enjoyed this story and the characters. The ending came as a huge shock I was so engrossed in Axle and Page that I wasn't expecting it.


Axle and Paige. Both are fighting their own demons, but is it enough? Can they come through together? This books leaves you hoping thats the case. They have many ups and downs. Paige is the fiesty woman hiding behind her tough exterior, whereas Axle wears his emotions on his sleeve. Its nice to read a book where the roles are reversed. Plenty of OMG moments in this story and many of times you want to bash their heads together. Looking forward to the next installment!


Both Paige and Axle are broken people but unlike other books where two broken people meet, this one has an Alpha female. If you like strong women or looking for something different, I think you'll really like this book. You can certainly feel the emotions in this book. You'll pull for them both and hope each can find the happiness and love they so deserve. Many hot and steamy scenes and Axle is extremely likable. I can't wait to get more Paige and Axle!


If you like to read about an Alpha female calling the shots with a Alpha make this is the book for you, two broken souls trying to fix each other. I’m looking forward to book 2 as it does leave you wanting more of Axle and Paige. Parts of the book had the lead character Axle talking to us the reader. This is the first time I have read this style of writing and at first found it strange, but I got used to it a kinda like it in the end. Good book and worth a read.


Where to start. This book is not ur typical book reads. I was feel with lots of mixed emotions u know the one u hate them then u love them u want to smack them then the next u want to hold them tight. Ugh. This book is definitely a MUST Read and don't stop until u finish.


Living day to day in a never ending hell he created himself, Axle Ryan’s life is an abyss of torture. Constantly questioning what happened to his life and how he lost himself after two epic blunders until she stormed into his life. Paige Bartin thundered into Axle’s life in the form of a dark, tattooed goddess who would soon rock his world in more ways than he ever thought possible. With her, Axle feels he is finally getting something wonderful. This woman may be shrouded in mystery but she brings much needed sunshine to his soul. But the enigma of her is only enticing for so long. She has no plans on sharing her past or opening up to Axle. He should stir clear of her, but he won’t. Everything in Axle is telling him she is meant to be his, even if she doesn’t want to be.


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