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I love this story! Both Axel and Paige have issues that they need to work out. Axel has major guilt over things that happened in his past and Paige won’t let anyone close. I loved alpha Paige. The take no prisoners, balls to the wall, hard Paige has a soft side that you see a brief look at. Brooke did a great job with these characters I was hooked right from the start and couldn’t put it down. I need more!

This book will definitely leave you wanting more. 2 people that are haunted by their demons, will they be able to get past their past and have something in the future? Lots of chemistry and very hot.

Even though the pace was a little slow at first, I enjoyed this story and the characters. The ending came as a huge shock I was so engrossed in Axle and Page that I wasn't expecting it.