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Save Her


Great Reading

This a good story of second chance love from first time author Flora Burgos. Katherine and Sean grew up next to each other. Together for life is what Katherine thought until one night when Sean told her he couldn't stay in the small town. He broke her heart and left. Years later and after the devastating loss of her parents, Katherine finds herself close to Sean again. He is still the only man she has ever loved. The characters are interesting and I can see how I want to know more about them and the small town they are in. I am looking forward to more of this series.


Katherine and Sean grew up together on her parents beloved ranch, so it was no surprise when friendship blossomed into love. Katherine thought they had forever but Sean was looking for a way out. The day of his high school graduation Sean left the girl he loved and the ranch he resented in his rearview mirror. Katherine was left to put the pieces of her shattered heart back together and figure out a new future. After making his mark on the world Sean has come back to the girl he left behind over a decade ago, and is looking for a way to make her his again. When tragedy rocks the very foundation of Katherine's life, leaving her with a target on her back, Sean will do anything to keep her safe. But rebuilding the trust he once shared with Katherine isn't easy, and he doesn't realize he may have waited too long to come home to the only girl he's ever loved. If he's not careful, it may be too late to Save Her.


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