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REVIEW: Saving Heather by Krystyna Allyn

Review - Saving Heather by Krystyna Allyn

Another great addition ( The Hybrid Series) from this new author This time we get Jeremiah`s side of the story, and we see that man he truly is and wants to become. We also see Kylie grow and gain her independents, with the man she loves by her side. But you guessed it, its not a easy path for either of them. Many trials and tribulations for these two, will they get their HEA! And yes, another bloody cliffy but it was worth the wait. I highly recommend you check this author out, super talented and such a beautiful way with words.


This is book 2 of the hybrid series it continues where book 1 left off. We learn more about Kylie and Jeremiah, their love for each other and the sacrifices they made. It's full of suspense and danger. Love how the characters banter between each other and the chemistry they have. Very good read if your into PNR Looking forward to see what will happen in book 3


This is a continuation from the first book Finding Kylie. This book has all the PNR you could ask for; werewolves, vamps, elf, witches...oh my! I really like this book, but not quite as much as I did the first book. A good plot line, well rounded characters, but something was just missing this time. Looking forward to seeing how the story continues in the next book.


Title: Saving Heather

Genre: Paranormal Romance


I’ve watched from the sidelines for years, biding my time, wanting her.

When I finally had her within reach, I turned my back and left.

Not because I didn’t care. No, I cared too much. Leaving was the only way to save us all.

An evil has crawled among us, infected the pack and is gaining momentum. Setting things right has fallen upon my shoulders, and it’s up to me to rescue those I care for.

A daunting task lies ahead but I’m up for the challenge, the alternative doesn’t bear thinking on.

The ultimate goal has always been her, will always be her.

I hope she’ll wait for me.


I’m finally free to be with the man I love, but at what price?

Not only are we being hunted, but my sister has been forced to take my place in captivity.

All I’ve ever wanted was to be with him. Now, he’s gone, leaving my heart in tattered shreds.

I’ll wait for him, hold on as long as I can, fighting off the darkness that threatens to tear us apart.

I can’t let him go again. If I do, it will kill me this time.

***Saving Heather is not a standalone novel. It is recommended you read Finding Kylie initially, in order to follow the plot.

Krystyna lives in somewhere USA with her amazingly awesome husband. Though she works full time, blogs and reads like a maniac, she still manages to find the time to write all her crazy stories.

Her hobbies include baking, skydiving, karaoke and general mischief. The list of her favorite authors is endless, so rather than singling out anyone particular, she'll just mention her number one go-to cookie is oatmeal raisin.

Twitter: @KrystynaAllyn

Instagram: @krystyna_kitty_cat


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