Scarlet Toys

Book Review - SCARLET TOYS by S.M. SHADE

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Hilarious, if you’re after a laugh out loud read you can’t go past this book. Had me laughing right from the start, Cass is one funny as hell chick with quick witted humour that will have you in fits of laughter. Honestly every character in this book will, absolutely loved it.

A laugh out loud, pee your pants kinda Book! First off, I am in absolute love with Cassidy. The girl has such a sense of humor that is 9 out of 10 times in the gutter (my kinda girl). I was laughing at her craziness more times than not and just totally fell in love with her. I could see her being my crazy best friend. Secondly, Wyatt is just so damn hot and I need him in my life too! A man from money who doesn’t let the money dictate his life and actually uses it to benefit others. Just totally swoon worthy. Wyatt and Cassidy meet when she is applying for a job at the new store in town. Little to Cassidy’s surprise she is offered a position to be the Manager of Wyatt’s newest Sex Toy store. What ensues from her acceptance of the job to the end is lots of funny @ss moments and drama between themselves and the small town. At the end of the day this story was one of the top funniest books I’ve read in a long time. Not only was Scarlet Toys funny but it also carried a message that at the end of the day it isn’t t necessarily about the money but those who get you for you and will stick by you and do just about anything to help. S.M. Shade said it perfectly “Money, education, and high-class upbringing doesn’t instill the most important things a person needs in life; compassion, love, and a sense of community.” S.M. Shade definitely does not disappoint with this book and it is a definite must read in my opinion. Not for vanilla folks though...lots of boobie and d!ck talk in the book. And OMG...the bounce house scene - S.M. Shade I almost fell off the couch while reading that part - absolute #pricelessness!!!!! P.S. I kinda want to move to Violent Circle now!

This was FANTASTIC! I laughed so hard at all the nonsense and hilarious dialogue. Cass was one of the most adorable characters I have read in a long time, I’ve never related so hard to such an accident prone mess. Wyatt was funny and sexy and holy smokes I’ll take TWO! The VioleNt Circle was like watching a train wreck, when everything would go up in flames you just couldn’t look away. Basically if you are looking for some sweet romance, sexy bits, and laughs you need to check this book out.