Secret Heir

Book Review - Secret Heir by MJ Prince

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Definite Page Turner!

My Jaw is still on the ground after that cliffy ending. I have to say that I couldn't put this book down; and found as many moments in my busy day as I could just to continue this story. So many different alternative stories weaved into the main story will have your head reeling. I found myself second guessing what was coming next and many times I was thrown for a loop. I felt that the second half of the book started to become a bit repetitive with the I want you, I can't have you; but the ending blew everything out of the water.

I love a good PNR book and this did not disappoint. You embark on this journey along with Jasmine and feel yourself on the edge of your seat with all the revelations. Raph gives you a lot of whiplash. One minute you love him and find him swoon worthy, the next you want to punch him. That's when you know you have read a good book. Really enjoyed this and will definitely be reading the next.

Oh my fricken god!!! This book!!! I really wish there was more than 5 stars to award. It blew me away. Jazmine, a foster kid that’s been passed through 10 homes, finds out she’s the Heir to the Evenstar Dynasty on Eden. Sounds a bit nuts, but bear with me...... She joins Grandpa Magnus on Eden and becomes part of a world of riches she has never known. Jazmine is a fabulous, sassy character, that takes no crap from the snotty spoiled royals. I don’t want to put a load of spoilers in this review, because you really have to read this book!!!! But I will say, I HATE YOU RAPH 🔪😡 I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about the next book in a series!