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Secure Desire

Book Review - SECURE DESIRE by R.L. DUNN

I will be honest. I sort of struggled at the beginning to figure out who was who and what was going on. However, i carried on and picked it up. This book is a great suspense and money talks. When you get futher in, the mystery leaves you turning the page. A good read, and would of rated 4 stars if the story was less complex to begin with.


Ian Chase, Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander, returns home disillusioned after a brutal mission in Afghanistan where politics take precedence over policy to take over the helm of the billion-dollar venture capital and private security company, The Chase Group. A brief encounter with Art Historian Cassiopeia Ellis leaves him smitten. Six years later, he meets up with her again, no longer engaged and an FBI Agent, Cassie Modine still makes his heart beat hard in his chest. Will Ian get his second chance? Six years was a lifetime of hell for Cassiopeia. No longer carefree, she is secretive and afraid. Nightmares still haunt her. The feelings from a soft kiss from the last night she felt whole leave her confused when she sees him again. Ian Chase can see into her soul. Can she trust again? How will a man like him ever want a woman like her? When tragedy strikes, will Ian be able to figure out what she's hiding in time to keep her alive? Will Cassie's desire to protect Ian destroy them both? Join the Chase Group as these former military special operators and medics get invested in a love story that will make you cry, laugh, and hang on to your seat in this stand-alone novel.


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