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Seducing Lola


A battle of words with a spitfire and a sexy suit in a Starbucks starts it off in this book and I’m immediately smiling. Followed with a bit of a oopsie moment as Lola manages to piss of one of the owners of the company she works for. I have to say that it had me in absolute stitches as her and Grayson meet for a second time under what I would call an awkward as Fuck situation. But man did I laugh my ass of. #GlassDoorsHurt

I swear this book had me in tears absolute full on snorting, giggling, laughing until no sound came out tears. Lola just picture shove foot in mouth here because that’s essentially what happens early on in this book and my gawd does it make for a hilarious read that had me dying.

And let’s talk about Grayson Lockhart. Sweet mother of mercy he is what we would call walking sex on a stick. Determined, a bit cheeky, confident and just exudes sex. I can almost hear his raspy voice in my head and it makes all those lady parts tingle. He made me giddy to the point I would probably sound like a hormonal preteen giggling like a moron and full on blushing.

The proverbial fireworks that go off when Lola finally lets her guard down holy Hanna. I found myself living vicariously through her. Lucky biatch because Grayson hot dayummm made my toes curl.

So much push and pull with these two but it made for some hawt steamy scenes. This book had everything from some drama filled moments that had me thinking oh hell no I will cut you. To some oh my gawd I’m gonna pee myself right now.

And the supporting cast was outstanding in this. I fell in love with mostly all of them and am praying to the book gods that some of these characters will get their own books. #NanaIsTheBest #MommaIsDramatic #BestiesThatIWoildWantInRealLife

I don’t think I’ve read a Jessica Prince book that I haven’t floved and this one is no exception. It’s fun, sexy and Grayson will definitely have you swooning with his charm, determination and sexiness. Lola well dammit I would love for her to be my friend she was fierce, awkwardly hilarious and a bit unhinged at times but I absolutely loved her.

My Rating

Reviewed by Mel

I’ve had my fair share of bad relationships. I’ve dated liars, cheaters, shoe fetishists, and everything in between. Sure, these experiences would make any woman cynical when it comes to dipping her toe back into the dating pool, but I used my past for good and made a career out of helping other women avoid going down the same paths I had. And I was damn good at it. Until a random act of fate set my life on a course I’d been avoiding for years, and put me in the crosshairs of a man that made me feel things I swore to never feel again. Now I’m in his sights and it seems like he’ll stop at nothing to seduce the hell out of me. He might hold my career in the palm of his hands, but if Grayson Lockhart thinks he can blackmail me into submission with his sexy voice and sexy hands and sexy everything, then he’s…probably right.


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