Review - Selfish Series Box Set by Shantel Tessier

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Ashlyn and Ryder were only supposed to have one night but when he turns out to be her best friends brother!! Becca and Jacyent get reunited after 4 years but will they finally be able to be together? Throw in a A-hole ex, supposed best friend, an obsessive girl, a dad trying to do his best and a phsyco mother and you have a great series!! So glad I read this as a series and didn't have to wait on the next book lol ( love to hate a cliffy)

I enjoyed the story of Ryder and Ashlyn very much. Majorly steamy hot couple. I wasn’t so interested in Becca and Jaycent. They just didn’t grab me the same way. The book/books were great, really kept me captivated. Up until the whole Rosie and Jaycents dad with Ryder and Beccas mom = Maggie. I don’t even know if I said that right, I thought that whole bit was insanely confusing. It made no sense to me. I think the book should have ended after the Seattle trip, nice and tidy.

From beginning to end couldn't stop reading I laughed I fell in love with the characters. BEST READ EVER !!