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Wow, that ending!!

This has to be my favourite so far, by Shantel. Absolutely #BookSmacked. Loved the story line, the fact that Ashlyn, was such an independent female and is the way she is (I just love a strong female lead). As for Ryder, hot, loving and oh so loveable. I totally thought she had at the end, but you'll have to read it, to know what I mean.

Please hurry with book two.

Review by Sarah - Rating 5 Stars


This is my second book by Shantel and let me tell you shes got me hooked on her books! I literally couldn't put this book down and flew through it in two days. The chemistry between Ryder and Ashlyn is HOTT! They literally cannot keep there hands off each other and the feelings they feel for each other are there even when they think they can deny them. When going into this book i didn't read any reviews so I didn't know that it ended on a cliffhanger or that i'd have to wait for the second book so when I got to the end I was left going OMG! but in a good way. Cannot wait for the second book to come out and finish up Ashlyn's and Ryder's story.

Reviewed by Jackie - Rating 5 Stars


I loved this book from the minute I opened it, Ashlyn is a free spirited girl, she knows what she wants and she won't let anything stop her, when she goes on vacation with her best friend, she meets Ryder, he is a powerful business man. from the first night they spent together their relationship is hot, fast and passionate. they seem to have an understanding that it is just a physical relationship... until it's not. Amazing read, and we'll deserved 5 stars

Reviewed by Charlotte - Rating 5 Stars


ASHLYN It was supposed to be a vacation. Five whole days on the beach with my best friend before we made the move from Seattle to New York. I never expected to meet a man who would make me change the way I saw love and sex. I’ve always believed you can have one without the other. So, when I hooked up with a one-night stand while on vacation, I never expected him to be standing in the middle of my hotel room hours later. Proclaiming to be my best friend’s brother. It took me two seconds to decide I wanted him for one night. It took me a day to understand that he was gonna want more. I’ve always believed in love. But I’m selfish. I want more … But can he give it to me? Or when this gets hard, does he walk away? RYDER I’m married to my job. I’m twenty-nine and help run a fortune 500 company. I hadn’t seen my sister in four years, and I wanted to surprise her. What better way than on her vacation? What I ended up getting was a woman who knew exactly what she wanted. And for that one night, I was it. I knew that I wanted more. You don’t spend a night with someone like her and let her walk away that easily. I’ve always had the means to buy anything I want. Too bad, she is priceless.

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