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This is the conclusion to the Selfish Series and what a wonderful way to end the series. So many ups and downs that I felt like I had whiplash. The love story between Ryder and Ashlynn, a love to hate to love story with some villains thrown in between. Great love story.

An awesome conclusion to this amazing series!!

Having read Selfish and Myself I was sooo looking forward to the conclusion of Ryder and Ashlyn's story and boy oh boy Shantel Tessier did not disappoint!! Ashlyn and Ryder are an amazing couple and I finished this book in one go, It was THAT GOOD. This story has some suspense, angst, sexiness, and humor (when Ryder first saw Harry, Ashlyn's Sphynx) it is also a feel good love story where Ryder will stop at nothing to get Ashlyn back, and Ashlyn does everything in her power to keep her heart intact.

An awesome conclusion to this amazing series!! Can't wait to see what else this new to me author brings out next.

I absolutely loved this book! Ashlyn and Ryder have so much chemistry, there are parts in this story where you are laughing out loud, parts that have tears streaming down your face and then there are some parts where you want to go in and beat some sense in to them. I LOVE Shantel's writing style, she really knows how to drag you in and make you feel exactly what her characters are feeling. This book is an amazing read and I couldn't put it down.