Shadows & Light

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The books overall are good. I would have liked a little more focus on Theron’s back story and what made his father that way. Theron constantly calling her beautiful was a bit over done for me, even though I understood why he called her that. Definitely a lot of action and great sex! This is the second book of Amber’s that I’ve read and I will be reading more of hers. ~ Krista

Rating 4 Stars

An emotional read, focusing on the loss of special people and how they cope with it. Betrayal, instant attraction, lies, you name it and its probably in this book.

I did enjoy the storyline, I think there could be a bigger lead up to them getting together. It was instant and as readers we like to see a build up of some sort. Also sleeping together the day after her best friend dies, kind of made me hate her for a bit. But people have delayed reactions right? Luckily i warmed up to her a bit. ~ Katy

(Review of Shadows)

Rating 4 Stars

At first, i struggled to invest myself in this story. But a third of the way in i was glad i stuck to it. Thats when the drama happens and my god its explosive. I just wish i could love them more together. I want to bash their heads together. But the crazy action makes it worth it. ~ Katy (Review of Light)

Rating 4 Stars

One Thrilling Adventure Wrapped Up in a Great Book!

This author has a huge range of writing skills. I first found her with her book Breathe and did that book ever destroy me. I was so sure no other book could could leave me breathless. Like Breathe you will be left breathless with Shadows.