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Shadows & Light


See what our review team is saying about this series.


The books overall are good. I would have liked a little more focus on Theron’s back story and what made his father that way. Theron constantly calling her beautiful was a bit over done for me, even though I understood why he called her that. Definitely a lot of action and great sex! This is the second book of Amber’s that I’ve read and I will be reading more of hers. ~ Krista

Rating 4 Stars


An emotional read, focusing on the loss of special people and how they cope with it. Betrayal, instant attraction, lies, you name it and its probably in this book.

I did enjoy the storyline, I think there could be a bigger lead up to them getting together. It was instant and as readers we like to see a build up of some sort. Also sleeping together the day after her best friend dies, kind of made me hate her for a bit. But people have delayed reactions right? Luckily i warmed up to her a bit. ~ Katy

(Review of Shadows)

Rating 4 Stars


At first, i struggled to invest myself in this story. But a third of the way in i was glad i stuck to it. Thats when the drama happens and my god its explosive. I just wish i could love them more together. I want to bash their heads together. But the crazy action makes it worth it. ~ Katy (Review of Light)

Rating 4 Stars


One Thrilling Adventure Wrapped Up in a Great Book!

This author has a huge range of writing skills. I first found her with her book Breathe and did that book ever destroy me. I was so sure no other book could could leave me breathless. Like Breathe you will be left breathless with Shadows.

This shadow series is so different but in the best way possible. It’s still fabulously written but there’s so much mystery, suspense and romance you are on a roller coaster of a ride reading it.

Don’t be left in shadows, read this book….I can’t say more because if I start talking about it, I won’t stop and that will spoil the treat you are in for when you pick up this book and start to read it! ~ Letty

Rating 5 Stars


I’m not going to lie, it took me a while to get in to this book, I don’t know why… but once I got in to it, HOLY MOLEY this book just has everything? There’s drama, there’s a hot connection. The characters in this book aren’t perfect which makes it so much easier to relax to them. ~ Charlotte

Rating 4 Stars


Eve is a beautiful woman surrounded by her friends and family. In her twenty-six years of life, nothing exciting has ever happened to her. Everything is going perfectly for her. Little does she know, one summer at the beach could change her life forever. . .

Theron is the son of a cutthroat multi-billionaire business tycoon. He thought he left behind the world his father created, but things change. His only hope at overcoming his past, is finding the one person he lost so very long ago. . .

When Eve bumps into Theron, their worlds collide. Nothing can prepare them for the instant fireworks and roller coaster ride waiting for them.

When evil starts to surround them, intent on destroying them, Eve runs into trouble…

Can Theron and Eve find Light among the Shadows? Or will evil win?


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