Sneak Peek: Hooked On Her by Stacey Lynn

Hooked on Her, an all-new sexy and flirty, forbidden romance from Stacey Lynn is releasing June 23rd, and we have the first sneak peek! 

While Tessa gapes at me like a fish, frozen to her spot, I take advantage of her shock and step through her brother’s front door and curl my hands around her shoulders, gently placing her to the side so I can enter.

She’s standing in front of me in a pair of black sweats that bunch at her ankles and a pale pink tank top with straps so thin I can see a strap of her bra peeking out from beneath on her shoulder. Her hair is piled on her head and I don’t think she has a speck of makeup on because I can see freckles dance across the bridge of her nose.

She’s also never been sexier.


It comes out on a groan and since she’s still gaping at me, I step forward. Another step. I move slowly, give her time to realize what I’m about to do and she either wants it as much as me, or she’s in some serious shock.

I reach out my hand and slide it to her neck where her pulse vibrates beneath my palm.


“Don’t tell me to stop.”

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