Someone In The Way


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There's a lot of real life situations in this book. It seems Lily Gardner's life is no different than the rest of us. When things go wrong, they go wrong all at once or at least it feels that way! Lily is separated and about to sign off on her final divorce papers. The marriage wasn't the best but the divorce is really difficult. Being a newly divorced woman with a young child is bad enough but having job problems, just compounds how rough life can be. Enter Nathan Trainor who's a nice guy and yet strong enough to help Lily deal with all life throws at her. This is such a charming book with situations that feel so real and yet it's a sweet enough book to take you away to another place while reading and enjoying it.

Someone in The Way is the the story of Lily and Nate. Lily is in the process of getting divorced from a jerk of a husband, all the while trying to keep it on the down low at work. Which is where Nate comes in at. I found myself getting frustrated with both Lily and Nate for talking to each other when they should. I also would have liked to have seen Lily stand up to Thomas a bit more than she did. I liked throwing Tanner into the mix, his character is fun. Overall it was a pretty good story and an easy read.

Honestly, this took me a little to get into. Not because it's written poorly, I just was feeling it on a personal preference. The blurb sold it to me and when I came back to it, I got into it. It just wasn't an epic read. The connection the Nate and Lilly had was a slow burn for me, I didn't find it to be the al