Something So Irresistible

Book Review


Natasha Madison has a way of getting you engrossed in her characters. I literally couldn’t stop smiling reading this book even when the two main character Max and Allison are constantly sparing with each other. I love broody men and Max has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He’s a bit of an asshole but has a softness underneath that no one sees. He’s done his fair share of emulating that douchebag stereotype but I think that makes me cling to him even more. These two definitely start of almost loathing each other. The more time they spend around each other you can feel the chemistry building, the little exchanges, the glances and I honestly started to feel my heart fluttering. Of course there we see a reappearance of characters from the first two books and they add elements of comedy to this book which had me giggling. But for me this story was all about Max and Allison, I loved his vulnerability I loved her fight. It was romance plain and simple I don't know what other way to describe this to be honest. Just that warm gooey melt your heart make you swoon and have you smiling romance. Now I will say there are moments where my heart dropped and I was about ready to find out where Natasha Madison lived, pay her a visit and tell her not to play with my emotions the way she did. Cause yeah she threw in some of those moments where you were all like OH NO NO NO NO NO NO. As far as books go this was a fantastic read and hit all my sweet spots. It's why Natasha Madison continues to be a instant one click author for me.

OMG Max Horton is so freaking irresistible!!! I don’t know how Natasha does but man she just keeps making these men better than the last with each book she writes!!! Max and Allison have this chemistry that unexplainable, sexy, and downright amazing to watch unfold. I could not stand Max in the previous book and I did not think there was a way for her to make me like him and not only did she make me like him but she made me fall for #MadMax! Allison she is the sweetest girl ever and she has to deal with her over protective brother and dad! Max is willing to stand up and fight for her. This book will have you so captivated and leave you with such a feeling of completeness !!! I just love everything that Natasha writes and every book is better than the last.

The third installment in the best-selling Something Series Max Horton They call me an outcast like it's a bad thing. An asshole byproduct of a shitty upbringing. I don't care about anything except myself and my little