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Soul Guardian


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A touching read. Beth hasnt had it easy and everything as she knows it changes dramatically overnight. Her pure soul is destined to help others and that she does. A beautiful story!

Reviewed by Katy - Rating 4 Stars


I have mixed emotions about this book. On one hand, I like the basic story line and the characters within the story line. A paranormal romance with a twist is always a good read. On the other hand, it seemed like the parts of the book just droned on and I would find myself forcing myself to keep reading because I would lose interest.

I also felt that some of the sex scenes were a bit too much and took time away from the meat of the story. I do want to give kudos for having an original idea for this story, and not following same type of stories that are written over and over.

Reviewed by Dawne - Rating 3.5 Stars


Bethany Myers lives a simple life as an accountant, busy working alongside her best friend and co-worker, Amy, and also a volunteer at her local animal shelter. With her days filled with numbers and furry creatures, her nights are filled with something else… Someone else.

Bethany sees him in almost every one of her dreams. She’s never spoken to him, never been close to him, but she knows that he’s the one. Her ‘dream guy’. The problem is, he’s not even real. How can she be with 'the one' if he doesn’t exist? When an unfortunate situation thrusts her into a different life and a dark secret threatens the ones she loves. Bethany fights for the life she led before, and the people she was destined to protect.


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