Start Me Up

Review - Start Me Up by J Kenner

Start Me Up was a fantastic surprise and one that had me quickly engaged in it. This was an opposites attract romance. The two main characters couldn't be different with Nolan Wood as the morning radio host of "Mornings With Wood" (I mean you can imagine what type of radio show that is) and Shelby the accountant. Shelby's proper, she comes from a background where everything is done by the book while as Nolan is anything but by the book. This storyline was so cute and sweet yet sexy and funny at the same time. I loved how this relationship built between the two of them. Their banter, their flirtiness, their chemistry it was all engaging for me. I definitely got invested in their story and whether or not they would end up together despite their differences. So far this is my fav book of this series.

Wicked days. Sinful nights. Meet Mr. April. A high school drop-out with only his twisted sense of humor and panty-melting good looks going for him, Nolan Wood has turned a small radio gig into a thriving career. Now a local celebrity, Nolan never wants for female companionship. But he never gets too close. And he damn sure never lets them see the man—or the pain—behind the jokes. Then a one-night stand changes everything. Career-focused, goal-oriented, and buttoned-down accountant Shelby Drake isn’t the kind of woman who’d usually catch Nolan’s attention, but her soft mouth, hidden curves, and deep sensuality blow his mind. And after only one taste, he wants more. But Shelby wants nothing more to do with him. And now the radio playboy is on a sensual mission to convince her that opposites really do attract. Her pleasure is his passion.

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