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Taking Chances


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This was my first book from this author and I absolutely loved it. The struggles that Libby went through had me tearing up but the love she found in Mason had those tears dried up instantly. This was a beautifully written book of loss and love and it was executed perfectly <3 cannot wait for book 2!

Reviewed by Emma - Rating 5 Stars


For a debut book, this was a winner. I loved the insta love these two had. Mason, he was such a great character and very likeable. As for Libby, she was a little harder to gel with. I think Laura portrayed her well though for her age in maturity. Thanks for a great story, certainly an author I'll be following.

Reviewed by Sarah - Rating 4 Stars


Before reading this story, you will need to have your box of tissues at the ready. This book is an emotional rollercoaster, but what a great start for Laura Farr on her debut novel. Laura grabbed my attention in the prologue and I could not put it down till the last page was read. She had me so invested in the characters that I was not ready for this story to end. I know I will for sure be reading more from this author as she publishes more of her books.

Reviewed by Roxanne - Rating 5 Stars


When Libby Davis loses her best friend in a tragic accident, she can’t find a way through the grief and guilt that consumes her. Desperate to escape the memories that are stopping her from moving on, she visits her Aunt and Uncle on their ranch in Texas. There she meets Mason Walker, a sexy ranch hand with a mysterious past, and a reputation he wants to leave behind. Despite her reluctance, sparks fly between the two of them, igniting feelings that neither have ever known before. When someone from Mason’s past starts to cause trouble, will Libby be willing to take a chance on love, or will her already damaged heart not allow her to?


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