The Butterfly Project


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This is now the third book I've read by her and every single books of hers I get reduced to tears. It takes a lot for that to happen to me. A lot of books make my chest tight for sure but only a handful bring me to tears. I'll say this, they are not tears of heartbreak although this book does have plenty of it. These were tears of happiness, deep down in my soul cliche "hallmark" happiness. The Butterfly Project is just gah I don't know how to describe it without using those standard words like heartwarming, sweet and just like a cup of goodness. This book is like when it's cold outside and you are all snuggled up in a blanket with a cup of soup or a nice warm hot chocolate. It's that cup of soup, that blanket that nice warm hot chocolate . I absolutely loved this book. Gave me all the feels. Sucked me in. Had me in knots. It was just soooo good. The two main characters were so perfect together absolutely fell for this story of forgiveness, healing, moving forward and finding light in a world that was darkened by mistakes of the past. Emma Scott delivers ten fold in this. A definite five star read that will have you smiling and warm by the end of it.

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