The Devil's Match


This was EVERYTHING I could have hoped for and then some.... This series is simply amazing and this book just continued to prove to me that there is a good reason it's on my top list of must read series. Amo Jones delivers the intensity with The Devil's Match and leaves you speechless more than once. Frost and Ella oh these two are a deadly combination for so many reasons. Both of them are fierce, baddass and intense to the 1000 degree. Combust, Explode, I N T E N S E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Push and pull, fight and fuck. Frost oh Frost he screams danger, screams asshole, screams intensity and I just craved more and more of him. Brutally blunt, direct and just holy hell.

"Can you put some fucking clothes on so I don't fuck you up against the wall."

And then Amo Jones in true Amo fashion drops bombs and more bombs that have you saying WHAT IN THE EVER LOVING SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GTFO !!!!!! Stahhppppp she had me to the point where I was out right talking to the book, screeching, giddy and laughing. And giddy and laughing because I was so excited while at the same time shitting myself. (no literally, metaphorically because that would be gross and weird) Just yeah, another five star for me from Amo but really at this point I'm not surprised cause that's what you get from a book by her. Always great, a storyline that sucks you in, characters that have you obsessed with them and moments that will make you curse like a sailor.

I feel nothing....but I feel EVERYTHING!! Love, Love, Love the powerhouse that is Ella!! I want to be her when I grow up! Frost is the dark and twisted man of my dreams, he's everything you'd ever want in a psychopathic biker....I would climb him like a tree!! Once again Amo plunged us into the murky depths of The Devils Own series and made us desperate for blood, revenge and hot as hell bikers!