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The Other Woman


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A sweet read about love in the most unlikely place. A woman that hates people and a man that cannot escape them. I mean he is a rockstar. Did i mention he was married? At first i didnt like Cole, but you know the saying, there is always more that meets the eye. His wife is crazyyy!! But not all is as it seems. Good read!


Never judge a book by its title. If you think this is about a woman trying to steal a man, you'd be wrong. Although Cole Clarke is married, all is not what appears it to be. He's a broken man living a broken life despite being a musician in the hottest band around. It's when he meets Allyn (Ally) Anders he's thrown off balance. He's not sure what he's feeling because it's been so long since he felt anything, especially towards a woman. He's not normally a cheater despite the band's reputation so these feelings he has causes him to question everything. When Ally finds out he's famous and married she decides she's going to tell him exactly what she thinks of him. Only when she tries to tell him off, she realizes he's not the cheating man she was lead to believe. This was a really good book and I can't wait to read about the other band members.


I didn't think I would like this story... Come on it's about "coleslaw", you know " The Other Woman" as the title plainly says, only that's not what it's about at all.

The story took a little to convince me. The female lead had me captured but our hero, well, I was iffy on him.

I was a little put off by the skipping of certain parts in the book only for them to be explained later on... But other than that I enjoyed the story of Allyn (clever spelling) and Cole.


I loved this book!! I love Ally for several reasons, the first being her self-love and self-confidence at being a size 14. She loves her carbs, pizza and chocolate. I would love to see more female leads like this. She's also a book editor which would be a dream job for me. I don't want to give anything away but she's also brave enough to do what's best for her even if her heart doesn't agree. I'm pretty sure that Cole is a unicorn! I couldn't be mad at him at all. I can't say more about him without giving anything away. The book was so well written and the time jumps were a natural part of the story. I will definitely be reading book two!!


I always love finding new (to me) authors and this is one I will put on my list of must-reads for future releases. Love her writing style and couldn’t put the book down!

I was a little concerned about the triangle when I read the title, because I never like reading about a cheater, but with Cole’s wife being so awful, I didn’t feel bad for her at all! This book is a great love story about two people who find each other and are meant to be together as they overcome different obstacles in the way. I can’t want to read more from this author!


Cole Clarke is a broken man, with a sham marriage and nowhere to turn. Allyn Anders is a self-proclaimed hermit, only straying from her apartment when she is forced to attend work meetings and when her best friend drags her out. When this pair has a chance encounter, sparks fly and there is undeniable attraction. Attraction that is impossible to resist. The morning after, Allyn discovers that Cole just happens to be the lead singer of the band that makes Maroon 5 look like child's play--Sunday Told A Secret is rocking their way across the country as they're wrapping up their first world tour. Cole returns home to L.A, infatuated with this other woman, only to discover that his alcoholic wife has started dappling in more than just booze. When he thinks his life is falling apart, Cole knows he can call on Ally. Are they able to make it work? Is Ally okay with being the other woman?

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