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The Pieces That Built Me


OMG!!! This book is amazing. It starts off with twins, Daniel and Arlington (love the names). Neither have the best start in life but more so Daniel. He turns to drugs, but you can’t really blame him when you read the story. Arlington or Arls is adored by August, but not all is fair in love and war. Many ups and downs. But I found myself rooting for August from the very start. He’s a dream! The things he says, his love for Arls. He reminded me very much of an Ed Sheeran type. So expressive with words. I adored him. Then enter Ben. Wasn’t so keen on him. Arls best friend Andrea is a hoot. Foul mouthed and crude but with a heart of gold! Now she reminded me of myself 😂 I will be reading this book again!


Every person is a puzzle made up of many different pieces, each connecting perfectly to the pieces around it. After a while, a picture begins to come into focus, and then we, the puzzle creator, can finally make sense of the beauty displayed before us. It was different for me. Some of my pieces were bent or twisted, but I made them fit. It wasn’t until I finally let him in that I realized I was missing one important piece… Love. I knew how to give it. What I didn’t know was how to accept it––until he showed me how…


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