The Roommate ‘dis’Agreement

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The Roommate ‘dis’Agreement

To put it simply, I loved it! Let me tell you all my reasons why...Cash, Cash, Cash, did I mention Cash?! In all seriousness I adore all the main characters in this story. Each one of them is relatable and real. I went on this funny journey with Jade when she decided to keep the boredom at bay by answering an ad, never expecting it to amount to anything. I felt for Cash and his experiences that led him to his current situation and need for companionship. I completely relate to the loneliness of one and the desperate need for stability of the other. The jokes, light hearted banter, and ridiculously cute and ever changing roommate agreement were exactly what I needed. I've had the pleasure of reading many of Leddy Harper's books now and this woman never disappoints! I'd most definitely recommend this book as your next read.

I loved this book! I loved the characters, Cash and Jade. I loved the storyline. I loved giggling one minute and misting up the next. I loved guessing their dark secrets. I loved cheering them on. I loved their "dis" agreements and every amendment they made. Cash is an excellent lead character because he had a bit of mystery but he was so protective. Jade is strong yet due to her past, she's vulnerable but not naive. I read it in a day and didn't want it to ever end but oh how sweet it was when it did. I loved this book!

Cash is a man with secrets. Secrets that he is afraid that will make the one woman that has truly found her way into his heart run away if she is ti find out the truth about who and what Cash is. Cash lives in the gray area of the law. It is in this area that he doing what he has to do to ensure the safety of not only the woman that he loves but also others in society. Jade is a woman that has her own secrets. Her secrets are ones that has made her the cautious woman that she is. There are things in her past that she is just wanting to run away from and not have to look back on. She just wants to be able to provide a real life for her daughter. Its with a chance reading of an posting for a single man looking for a female roommate that turn not only Jade's life around, but also helped a man that didn't know he was missing something realize what he was truly missing. This story was one that will have your heart strings pulled and wanting more. I unable to put this book down once I started. I am a new reader for Leddy Harper and I can say that I am looking forward to more of her work.