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The Scars Of Us


The Scars of Us is the conclusion to the Scar Series by Rachael Tonks and that book left me reeling a bit with the ending of it. With Izzy and Brax once again separated it seems like these two just can't catch a break. This book has some very dark elements to it, with tough scenes that will have you engaged and feeling somewhat tortured which is what I love in a dark read. Braxton's devotion to Izzy will have you swooning and Izzy's fight for survival will have definitely strike a chord with you. Their reunion is almost bittersweet. With some twists and turns and betrayals that take this to a whole other level, I found myself wondering if these two would ever get their HEA as it seems almost everyone is against them. I did find a few parts a bit rushed and in particular Izzy seemed to be able to move forward a bit too easily after all the pain and suffering she went through. That being said though I still really enjoyed this read and loved these two characters and their will to be together despite all the odds.


Captured, tortured and separated from the only man she's ever loved, Isabelle is fighting for her life and will do whatever it takes to survive. Little does she know that Braxton is too. Injured and weak, Braxton’s life hangs in the balance. He seeks the help of his closest friend to help him save the girl he loves. When he can no longer trust those around him, will Braxton be able to find Isabelle or will it be too late? Both Braxton and Isabelle are willing to risk everything to survive, but can two scarred souls reunite and overcome everything that stands in their way? The scars of us is the second and final installment in the scars series.

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