Then There Was You

Book Review - Then There Was You by Claire Contreras

I love angst, I love push and pull and I love a bit of conflict in a book. Then There Was You definitely has all those things and I enjoyed this book but I struggled with some of it. As I first start reading I immediately was interested in the story between the two main characters. There is clearly some feelings of resentment? bitterness? heartbreak? Of course with this being a second chance romance I knew there was a past and I was definitely interested in knowing what that past was. I enjoyed the banter between the two main characters. I loved their back and forth, I could tell that there were feelings between the two of them and that those feelings were strong. There were times through this book as Tessa and Rowan seem to once again give into those feelings were my heart would pound. A few times I could feel the angst and heartbreak that they seemed to go through whether it was in the past or during the present. Where I struggled is with the reasoning behind their push and pull and ultimately with the reasoning of why the book ends the way it does. It slightly irritated me and at certain points as that reasoning comes to light I often found myself wanting to put the book down. I just found it completely frustrating and for me if I was Tessa I would be out heart be damned. That being said do I want to know what happens next. Yes I do, I need to see where this story goes. Did I like this book. Yes I did. Did I love this book, unfortunately no but the silver lining for me here is that I didn't stop reading and I do need to see where this goes. The author made me feel and for me that is what I look for in a book.

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