There's Something About Vegas

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There's Something About Vegas by Ember-Raine Winters

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I literally couldn't put this book down once I started! I loved the chemistry between Rissa and Cole! You could just tell from the beginning that they were drawn to each other and meant to be! I loved all the surprises that happened, it keep me on the edge of my seat and I literally couldn't put the book down till I found out what happened next. I definitely am going to be buying book two so I can find out what happens next for her best friend Cassie!

Rissa and Cole. *Inserts big sigh*. This book had me from the beginning. Rissa was the sort of character you want to mother and protect. She wraps herself around your heart and you cannot help but love her. and Cole, well he is the sort of character you want for yourself. Protective, hot and loyal. This book was a great read and i loved everything about it, especially the bar stool scene. I definitely recommend this.

This book was fabulous. Made me laugh out loud many times, usually with best friend Cassie scenes! Rissa/Honey- I think I’ve done something really bad! Cassie- Do I need to bring a shovel to your apartment? Everyone needs a friend like that 😂! Cole was a yummy character. My kinda dream man. The only thing that really bugged me was this. If Rissa/Honey was famous and Cole was in Vegas (entertainment capitol of the world), how did he not realise before 5yrs? Did make me wonder. Did he live in a bubble! The woman had 100,000 instagram followers.