Third A Kiss by Pepper Winters

Title: Third A Kiss

Series: Goddess Isles

Author: Pepper Winters

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Publication Date: April 21st, 2020

“There was hate once. Hate born from dangerous attraction and fate’s cruel design.

There was love once. Love destined to kill us if we didn’t surrender to our war.”

Eleanor Grace suffers an awful affliction. She’s falling for a man who doesn’t deserve her affection or her forgiveness. But there is no cure, so she does something reckless, stupid—she throws safety to the sea and leaps into danger.

Sully Sinclair suffers the same affliction. He’s falling for a goddess who will never earn his trust or his heart if he can help it. However, he wasn’t prepared for the lengths she’d go. How far she’d push to either stop such a bond or kill them both trying.

An elixir given to a monster.

A goddess running for her life.

An ending neither of them can survive.

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Rating ★★★★★

Reviewed by Melissa

Pepper Winters continues to ramp up this series with Third A Kiss. Book 2 left me desperately wanting to know what happens next after the way it ended. And we get to see the "chaos", "carnage", the OMG hold on to your knickers events that happen next.

Sully and Eleanor's relationship is complicated, unconventional and honestly goes against everything that most would consider moral. This is the beauty of Pepper's writing, because she has me hopelessly addicted to everything about these two. She has me cheering in their corner, needing an HEA.

Third A Kiss is suspenseful and with each turn of the page comes more shock, more WTF, just more of everything. This is definitely going down as one of my fav series reads this year. It's heady, addictive and consuming.