This Crazy Love

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This is the first book I have read by this author…….and I just want to know……where the heck have I been?!

This book had me from the first page…the anger and devastation that Austin was feeling rippled off the page making me take a deep breath, hoping I had the strength to get to the end…..then Fiona got the call from her sister to say she needed her at the ranch.

My heart was literally pulled from my chest as I took the ride with her…..I felt every struggle she did to get past that gate…..I wasn’t sure I would come out unscathed. I am still not sure I did as I sit to write this review!

Sparks fly from the moment these two meet but they appear almost like kindred spirits………Fiona has so many demons that haunt her dreams……but Austin seems to soothe them and they start a tentative friendship.

My Heart was so sore as Fiona gradually opens up to Austin and when she finally confides the whole story to him…..the floodgates open (mine that is)…..My emotions couldn’t take any more! Oh my!

I need to read more!!…..if you haven’t read this yet, I highly recommend that you do!! ~ Lynne

Rating 5 Stars

Crazy, Sweet, Love,

I’m writing this review a week after I read this book and I still have a lump in my throat. It’s a beautiful story of not just love between two people but of love between siblings, between friends and roommates.

Fiona Harper ran away from her nightmares of The Lazy D Dude Ranch a long time ago, vowing to never return. A call from her sister, Brianna needing her help has her doing something she never thought she ever would, return to the ranch.

It’s at the ranch where she meets the very angry Austin Green who is the head wrangler on the ranch. Austin too, has many demons and they show through his anger towards people and life. Not only is he an angry head wrangler, he’s also now Fiona’s roommate.

As Fiona’s nightmares become worse, it’s Austin who reveals some secrets of his own. He lost his fiance one Christmas Eve in a horrible accident. As each deal with their own troubles they learn to lean on each other. As their friendship blooms they realize they want more from friendship from each other but will their demons haunt them forever? ~ Letty