Checkmate: This Is Dangerous

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Checkmate: This Is Dangerous.

It’s safe to say that this book was one of the review teams favs.

Five ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW STARS! Outstanding, thrilling, heart pounding, smiling, laughing, and filled with Screaming Noooooo moments in this book! I need September here tomorrow for the conclusion of Kayla and Logan….my heart is in my throat clogging my airway as I gasp over this ending! Eek!!!! This book was incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed it! And can I just say I’m craving donuts…lol ~ Angela

Rating 5 Stars

Oh my life, one of the worse endings to a book ever!! Well for me it is. Its only because i need the next one like yesterday! Talk about a cliffy, i am literally foaming at the mouth!!

Throughout the whole series, Kayla and Logan are the couple we are screaming at to get it on already. Then when it happens, we are elated. Then this…..

Well i think its pretty obvious i love this series but i will be a nervous wreck until the next one.

Amazing read!! ~ Katy

Rating 5 Stars

Please someone get me a donut!

Gawwww! I’m dying! There is definitely a what the hell just happened moment in this book that has me screaming on the inside. I just love this Checkmate story. Logan and Kayla have this smoldering energy between them. Kayla knows she wants Logan. Kayla knows that Logan wants her, b