Oh boy them Guardian men are back and back with a bang !! I’ve been so excited for more of these men and once again Aly does not disappoint to be honest I’d read her shopping list I love her writing that let’s get the good stuff and that’d be Lark all 6ft3 of him another swoon worthy Guardian Protection man, my god can Aly write an alpha male like no other you gets lots thrown into the mix with this book, love hate angst second chances all the feels are definitely happening and I absolutely love the banter between all the GP love loved everything 5 Stars from me another amazing series.

When I was nineteen years old, I was faced with a choice that changed my life.

Keep the safety of what I already knew or risk losing everything with the young, hotheaded soldier who stole my heart.

I chose the wrong man, and for seventeen years, I paid in tears, blood, and shattered dreams for that decision.

Now, there’s a man in my house, holding a gun to my head on the order of my ex-husband—given from his prison cell.

That hotheaded soldier I was too afraid to choose? He’s now a six-foot-three wall of muscle who works at the country’s most premier bodyguard agency. I’ve always wanted him, but now, I’ve never needed him more.

It’s the call I’m terrified to make.

I’m sure he still hates me… Even though I’ve never stopped loving him.

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