Torrid Little Affair


I was super excited to read Coopers story and definitely wanting him to get his hea after everything that happened to him in the first two books. Cooper for me was the sweet and soft one out of the three brothers. I felt that he wore his heart on his sleeve and he had such a big heart. When he returns home his actions when he first meets Corinne are crass and I fully expected him to get slapped if I’m honest. It’s not the Cooper that I knew but also totally understand his attitude at the time. Even still I wasn’t sure how this book would turn out. Corinne has a bit of a past as well and as this story continues that past is revealed. These two start off with a no strings attached sort of relationship that clearly gets blurry as time passes. This book definitely has some gut wrenching moments as more is revealed particularly with Corinne. Emotions run high throughout this book and the intimacy with these is definitely Hot. Cooper is definitely in my eyes a knight in shining armour and definitely doesn’t disappoint. For me this story was an good read but i didn’t get the feels and I guess I was expecting a bit more ugly and maybe dark from Corinne’s past that made her so closed off if that makes sense. Not taking away from what she did have in her past but for some reason I was expecting more.


Forbidden Desires Book 3


By Kendall Ryan

Release Day: December 11