Twisted Locke

Book Review - Twisted Locke by Victoria Ashley & Jenika Snow

Well dayummmmmmm dayum dayum dayum dayum !!!! This book was heavy on the hot !!! Extremely heavy, I'm talking the hotness level of Ace Locke is at a dangerous level. Ace Locke, aka Twisted Locke is the very definition of the bad boy you can't seem to stay away from. He's intensity is insanely deadly and he screams screams someone you don't want to mess with, someone who will die for those he cares for and someone who will own you mind, body and soul. And even though Ace is hell intense, I loved that he didn't push Melissa too far. He took his time, he made sure that she was certain. But man he didn't sit back either and the temptation was seriously crazy. He had a way with words and sometimes they were crass and he was blunt and brutally honest. I found myself saying Woah a lot with him. I thought these two were the perfect fit and while I will say that I was a bit shocked at times by Melissa and how she dealt with some of the Locke ways I do think that it needed to happen. The story just wouldn't have worked had Melissa not reacted to certain situations in the manner that she ultimately did. The Locke Brothers series has been a wild ride of one intense family that will protect others at all costs and I have to say that this book has been the best one yet. It's got push and pull, off the charts chemistry, intense and often dark situations and a heroine that will make you hot and flustered. Great read. Great series.


Damaged. Savage. Twisted.

Those three words describe us Locke brothers to the motherfucking T.

We were wronged by the ones who were supposed to protect us. The ones who were supposed to love us … to show us how to love.

It doesn’t matter though. ‘Cause we taught ourselves how to love in the best way we know how. When it comes to giving our heart away, we do it with everything in us. We may be dangerous sons of bitches, but we love hard as shit.

Melissa doesn’t quite get that yet. But she will.

She got dragged into our fucked-up world, afraid and unsure of us.

Well, I’m about to change that.

I’m going to twist her up and shake the fucking innocence in her.