Two Wedding Crashers

Review - Two Wedding Crashers by Meghan Quinn

Just look at that beautiful cover. How could you not love that cover. It’s eye catching. The colours, the lay out and just the overall feel of the cover brought me into this book.

Meghan brought us sweet and funny romance with those wonderful underlining issues that Meghan is known for. This was a cute love story. One of those it was never supposed to be romances.. at least that’s what I call them.

The story line was smooth flowing and the story has it’s left and rights. Though the underlining issues were present and did affect the characters day to day. The issues were not delved into in excruciating detail, which I think kept this story fun and light.

I found this book’s characters to be very good together. The friends were actually my favourite part of the book, they just has so much personality. I found that the interaction that they has with the main characters was the highlight of the humor for me. I think everyone needs friends like that.

The main characters were good together. They fed of each other’s humor well I think they were matched in wit. Some of their interactions would have left me bright red and living in a hole in the ground, but they pulled through cause they are strong in their sassiness.

Overall I found this book enjoyable and would give it a nice 4 stars and recommend it to those looking for a cute, funny romantic comedy. A nice light read for a Sunday afternoon. Definitely a pretty cover I am going to need on my shelf.

A wild, sexy, and heart-filled adventure of two strangers who meet in the most unlikely of places. This laugh out loud and heartwarming romantic comedy from bestselling author Meghan Quinn will keep you on the edge of your feet as you fall in love with the second book in the Dating by Numbers Series.