Unexpected Arrivals


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5 Spectacular Stars! Oh my heart! James and Cora's story is just everything...it's a story of young love, coming of age, mistakes, and second chances. This book captivated me, it reeled me in within minutes and I was hooked! There were many plot twists to keep me on my toes and guessing throughout the pages. My heart went through a gamut of emotions while reading before settling on joy for how their story ended. This book is like life can often times be...messy and complicated but oh so worth it in the end! And oh boy, do I love the end. I have loved every single book I've read by this author and she has never disappointed me yet, so every new title is an instant one-click for me! I'd highly recommend giving her and this book a read!

Unexpected Arrivals Is about a couple, James and Cora, and the struggles they endure in their relationship since they first met in high school. The story does span from high school, college, graduation and present time. It is told in the POV of three different people. Although the first half of the book is written from fifteen years earlier, we only get the POV of James for the first 40% and only Cora for the last 40% of the book. I would like to have been in both James and Cora’s head to know what each was thinking throughout the book. I liked the other characters Neil and Hannah, who are friends of James and Cora. The banter these four characters have is great.

A "legendary" love story between James and Cora. I have to admit that for a while I was team James and had a really hard time liking and then forgiving Cora. Without giving spoilers, the twists the plot took brought me back to team Cora. A love story that tears at your heartstrings for the good and bad.