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Untamed Angel Heart


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Really good read

This is the continuation of Belial and Lola’s story. Just when they both finally realize that they do in fact love each other, they are dragged away from each other again . Belial must get the nine rings and save the angels stuck in the underworld. Lola must learn how strong she really is to save Belial. This book is very intense at times with so much going on. It is dark and full of angst, but you also have moments of light and heaven that teach you why you must go through the dark to learn who you are and to appreciate the light. There is also a lot explained about both Lola and Belial’s background. Definitely a page turner. ~ Dawne

Rating 4 Stars


I wanted to throttle Kamen and jump into Belial’s arms. I was feeling this one. I wanted to fight for Belial and Lola.

I can’t wait for the next one. I have to know what happens. I think something is up. Seriously!! ~ Angela

Rating 5 Stars


A promise made three hundred years ago. An unbreakable bond. Nine rings. One stone. Through pain and turmoil, courageous hearts are born. Belial’s life has been built on pain and suffering. After discovering the truth about his past, he’s ready to seek revenge on those who’ve wronged him. On his mission to protect Lola, Belial returns to the Underworld to confront Hades and take back the Nine Rings of Hell. The details of Lola’s past are revealed, and as she balances on the edge of hope, and hopelessness Lola struggles to come to terms with the fact that she’s not only an angel, but the last remaining heir to the Throne of Arcadia. Untamed Angel Heart continues the story of Belial and Lola as they find their inner balance while uncovering the secrets, lies, and sins of their pasts.


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