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Well where in the fuck do I even start with this one..... I swear I was just thinking to myself it's been weeks since I've read a book that had me raving/ranting basically going balls to the wall crazy over it. The book gods answered my inner prayer with this book. Where to even begin to discuss the cluster fuck of shit that is going on in this one. Well just look at that first sentence in the blurb. Exes can be friends, right? <<<<< WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good lawd this book made me want to physically jump into it and start literally fucking people up, slapping themselves across the back of the head, bitch slapping them and then kicking them when they are down all the while screaming GET YOUR MOTHERFUCKING SHIT TOGETHER !!!!!!! This book has some Angst, so many freaking moments that will have you frustrated beyond hell but dayummm I absolutely love those types of books. And seriously just when you think they finally have it figured out and you are all like "well thank the fucking lord its about damn time" NOPE WRONG AGAIN Nicole Dykes splashes cold water on you and say WAKE UP I'm not done yet.

There were so many different players in this book but not too many that you will get super confused. At times you will absolutely love them and at other times you may want to maim them. Regardless they will definitely have you engaged with what is going on with them. Whew talk about some DRAMA, some cat fights that turn into all around BRAWLS lol two of the characters come to blows and HOLY SHIT I'm sitting over here stuffing my face full of popcorn yelling "Get that bitch, hit her make her fucking bleed" and I'm saying that out loud to both of the characters like a crazy person. Yeah so this book it was ummm it was good. Definitely got my blood pumping.

If you are looking for a read that will have you freaking out and consumed by all the drama then this book is one for you.

While this is Book 7 in this series you do not need to read all the books this one can be read as a standalone. However this entire series is sooo good and gets better and better with each book.

My Rating

Reviewed by Mel


Exes can be friends, right? They can even live together. No drama. No fighting. No problem. As long as there are clear boundaries, no one will get hurt. Right? Well, what happens when every line is crossed? Every rule is broken? All hell breaks loose. That’s what. Untangled is a New Adult Romance novel that contains mature content and is not suitable for anyone under 18.

Monroe Family Series in order.


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