Wanting More

Review - Wanting More by Elle Keating

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What an emotional journey but a lovely journey to go on. I didn't realise it was part of a series, and thought at first I'd be confused. But, it may lead to a better understanding, but not necessarily a must to read the previous books. I loved the character development in this book and for all the drama was a little predictable it definitely made for a good read.

Read this book in one night and enjoyed it very much! The cover is sexy and drew me in. Carina and Josh are amazing and really take you on an adventure! Third person reads always take me a minute to adjust to but I was, surprisingly, okay with it. It worked for this story. If you’re looking for a great, easy read, this is it! Enjoy!!

Third person isn't usually something I like in a book, usually takes me a bit to get into the writing style. But I was hooked from page one with this book. It was a great adventurous read and I really enjoyed Carina and Josh's story!