REVIEW: We Said Forever by Marie James

Review: We Said Forever by Marie James

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This book literally had me on edge the whole time that I finished it in a day. I needed to know what happened next for Fallyn and Blaze. You can literally feel all the emotions that both put you through during the book. You can feel the struggle Blaze is going through and you can feel the heartbreak that Fallyn goes through! You can feel the insta-chemistry between them and know that they are just meant to be together, but in order to get that HEA they are going to definitely have a struggle to get through. I really enjoyed reading this book!

Marie James? Who is this Marie James? When I saw the cover of this I was immediately drawn in. Then I read the blurb and said yep I need to read this book, so I went ahead and requested. I knew this book would be right up my alley because I was looking for an angsty book to get the tears flowing. Sadly, I didn’t cry, but I still liked the book. This follows Blaze and Fallyn on their rollercoaster love story. Blaze is a college football player who is going all the way. Growing up he had to fight his way through life due to his parents addiction. They weren’t supportive, they didn’t even care about him, but he did it. He succeed and got a scholarship to play football at LVU. With one game left to go until the big dance, the players decide to throw a party and let off a little steam. Blaze has never had a problem with the ladies, they practically fall at his feet, but then he meets a gorgeous brunette and his world is turned upside down. Who is she? Fallyn has made some poor choices when she was in high school. Dating and believing in boys who were the bad boy, gorgeous, jocks. She’s not about to fall under that spell again in college. She’s turned her life around. Boys are not what she wants, she wants a degree and lives in the books. Her roommate pesters her one night to go to a party, I mean she is a junior in college and needs to live a little. She agrees and that decision changes the course of her life forever. While I enjoyed the story and it kept me turning the pages, some things just didn’t click for me.

One: Fallyn is determined that she isn’t going to fall back into the same habit, but